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Rolex GMT-Master History And Overview Of All Major References

Rolex GMT-Master History And Overview Of All Major References

The Rolex GMT-Master (II) at long last ventured out of the shadow of its jumping sibling, the Submariner. With the presentation of the ceramic Pepsi and Batman (on Jubilee) as of late, the publicity is genuine. Long holding up records and market costs far over retail bring about frustrated clients, yet that doesn’t appear to hinder the interest. On the contrary.

I can envision why the Rolex GMT-Master II is such a great amount popular. It is an incredible every day companion, with the additional estimation of an extra timezone. I had a lot of GMT-Master watch factorys including a couple of vintage 1675s and a GMT-Master II 16710. At the point when I was prepared to buy a GMT-Master II ‘Ceramic’ or ‘Batman’ in 2017, I was faced with the previously mentioned interest for them. I needed to pick between a holding up rundown or pay over retail, and I chose to stand by a piece to check whether the costs would come down. In any case, they didn’t. Indeed, it has become surprisingly more dreadful since. An advanced GMT-Master is as yet on my list of things to get, yet I simply stay low and stand by till something crosses my way. Meanwhile, I don’t even consideration any longer whether it’s the ceased dark artistic GMT-Master II, a beat up ‘Batman’ or the consistently well known earthenware Pepsi.

Rolex GMT-Master History

The reason I need a Rolex GMT-Master II is that it is just perhaps the most notorious travel watch factorys For quite a while, it was somewhat in the shadow of the Rolex Submariner and Daytona, yet uncalled for. It is an extraordinary apparatus watch production line which I love, even with the Oyster arm band with the cleaned focus connect (regularly alluded to as ‘pcl’) or with Jubilee.

In this article, I will impart to you the stunning Rolex GMT-Master history.

The Pan-Am Connection

It all beginnings with a solicitation from the previous aircraft Pan-Am for a legitimate pilot’s watch processing plant Not simply a truly lucid pilot’s watch industrial facility (there were numerous out there as of now), however one that was equipped for showing an extra timezone. A valuable for pilots on transoceanic flights, as Pan-Am was going to do as such. An exact and solid watch was a need, and adding an extra timezone would make it great. Dish Am asked at Rolex, and they thought of the GMT-Master. A watch industrial facility with chronometer details and showing an extra timezone.

As we know now, the Rolex GMT-Master wasn’t just well known among Pan-Am pilots (or common avionics), additionally NASA (Jack Swigert of Apollo 13 wore one) and US Air Force pilots wore them. Likewise, individuals who ventured out to various time regions for their positions began wearing the Rolex GMT-Master, as perusing home time and nearby time simultaneously has a positive [mental] impact on battling plane slacks. Throughout the long term, the Rolex GMT-Master turned into an exceptionally mainstream watch processing plant Also for individuals who aren’t flying that frequently, or work together everywhere on the world. It has become – like it or not – an image of achievement and abundance, in the same way as other extravagance things. For watch manufacturing plant lovers, the history of the Rolex GMT-Master (II) assumes a significant part. It is important for the great when claiming and wearing such a watch.

I might want to give you a short outing through a world of fond memories, beginning by the absolute first Rolex GMT-Master model presented in 1954 till the most recent in 2019. You will find that albeit the GMT-Master went through a ton of changes and advancements, they are still unmistakably identified with one another. It is one of the (significant) fixings as I would like to think that makes it a notable watch manufacturing plant or, better said maybe: a classic.

Reference 6542

Rolex GMT-Master 6542

In 1954, the principal GMT-Master that Rolex presented was reference 6542. It included a bakelite bezel (which was supplanted following two years by an aluminum bezel since it broke effectively) and had no crown monitors. The James Bond fan additionally may perceive this watch manufacturing plant as it was on the wrist of Pussy Galore in the Goldfinger film. The Rolex GMT-Master ref.6542 was underway till 1959. Rolex utilized a few developments for this reference, as calibers 1036 (1954-1959), 1065 (1957-1959) and 1066 (1957-1959).

Reference 1675

Rolex GMT-Master 1675

Perhaps perhaps the most famous vintage Rolex GMT-Master watch industrial facility is ref.1675 ( we as of late discussed it in this article ). Presented in 1959 and it has been underway till 1980, quite a while. This is additionally the motivation behind why you can in any case discover a vintage Rolex GMT-Master 1675 in fair condition without a lot bother. Till the last part of the 1960s, the additional hour hand highlighted a little triangle and was prevailing by a red hand with a bigger triangle all through the 1970s. Early models likewise included pointed crown monitors and a part ring. It was likewise the primary Rolex sports watch plant that opened up on both the Oyster (reference 78360) and Jubilee (reference 62510) bracelet.

Movement upgrades

The initial 1675 watch production line accompanied Rolex type 1565. Until 1965, when Rolex began to furnish them with type 1575. This development had a higher ticking number (19,600vph rather than 18,000vph). Later on, type 1575 was altered to have a hacking highlight (seconds will stop when the crown is pulled out). This was done in 1971.

Reference 16750

Then, Rolex presented the GMT-Master ref.16750 in ca 1980, a model with another development and highlighting shiny dials. Rolex began utilizing the type 3075 development, which included a speedy set date. The development likewise had an expanding ticking number of 28,800vph. This model was underway till 1988. Just a brief period as expected, which makes it a pursued model of the GMT-Master arrangement. Notwithstanding, likely not as much as the Rolex GMT-Master II 16760 otherwise known as ‘The Fat Lady’ (or ‘Sophia Loren’). This was the principal GMT-Master II and had a progression over the standard GMT-Master, which is the usefulness to peruse season of three distinctive timezones. Other than that, the ‘Fat Lady’ had a thicker case, thicker crown watches, sapphire gem and just accessible in the ‘Coke’ arrangement, which is a red/dark bezel. The Rolex GMT-Master 16760 utilized type 3085.

Reference 16700 and 16710

The Rolex GMT-Master ref.16750 was supplanted by the GMT-Master 16700 in 1989. Rolex likewise presented the reference 16710 ( we as of late did an inside and out article on this reference here ), the replacement of the Fat Lady. From the outset, the tritium dials were as yet utilized however in approximately 1997 this changed towards Super-LumiNova.


Reference 16700

In creation close to the GMT-Master II 16710, Rolex stopped the creation of the 16700 in 2001. What definitely changed was the developments (in both the 16700 and 16710). They presently had type 3175 (16700) and type 3185 (16710). The development of these developments changed and now included a twofold equilibrium wheel connect. The accessible arm bands were the Oyster (reference 78360) and Jubilee (reference 62510). Rapidly after presentation, the Oyster arm bands got the celebrated Oyster-lock (fliplock). This Oyster wristband had reference 78790.

16710 Iterations

It appears to be that Rolex GMT-Master reference 16710 experienced a ton of changes from 1989 till 2007. This watch plant began with a tritium dial and finished with the Super-LumiNova dials, the arm band got Solid End Links (in 2000) and the pin-openings for the situation vanished. The last ones sold accompanied the plastic guarantee cards rather than the paper declarations. Before it slips we’s mind, the container set changed too for this model to the current one. Accessible with three unique bezels, as demonstrated previously. Additionally, in 2007, the development of the Rolex GMT-Master II was moved up to the type 3186. Most significant change for this type was the utilization of the Parachrom hairspring. The short-delivered Rolex 16710 with type 3186 development (M-and Z-chronic numbers) get incredibly high prices.

Reference 116710LN and 116713LN

From 2008 till 2019, the GMT-Master II 116710LN (Lunette Noir) was in the assortment. The watch plant case got a slight update, the Twinlock crown has been supplanted by a Triplock crown, the aluminum bezel has been supplanted by a ceramic bezel and the instance of the watch production line has grown somewhat (still 40mm, yet with beefier hauls and crown monitor and so on) The dial has become a ‘maxi dial’ with huge numerals and the hands have become more extensive. This additionally brings about a watch production line that is seen greater than its archetype, while as yet being 40mm. Since 2016, all watch industrial facility are presently inside a – 2/+2 seconds every day deviation and ensured to perform so for a very long time. All watch processing plant have been chronometer confirmed obviously, yet thereafter (when being cased) severe tests have been acted in-house by Rolex.

Reference 116713LN

Also, the arm band got a little update to the delight of numerous Rolex fans. It has the Easy-connect framework that empowers you to enlarge or fix the arm band by 5mm (the old models required a toothpick). It is additionally the original of Rolex wristbands that don’t have that well known ‘rattling’ sound when you wear it (a many individuals like that however). The middle connections have been cleaned (‘pcl’), which isn’t to everyone’s taste. It adds a dash of allure to the ‘tool watch’ though.

Below, the form in steel (ref.116710LN). The all gold variant (reference 116718LN) was at that point presented in 2005. For this age of watch factorys Rolex utilizes their type 3186 movement.

Reference 116710BLNR ‘Batman’

In 2013, Rolex presented another adaptation of the GMT-Master II 116710, yet this time, with a dark & blue bezel. What’s more, a blue GMT hand. This form got the 116710BLNR reference number, where BLNR represents Blue & Noir.

Reference 116719 and 126719

Then, in 2014, comes up with a combination that all Rolex (GMT-Master) fans have been hanging tight for. Another style Rolex GMT-Master II with a Pepsi bezel. Henceforth, Rolex comes up with their reference 116719BLRO (Blue & Rouge). Nonetheless, as Rolex does, it isn’t completely what individuals anticipated. The new Pepsi Rolex is made of white gold. Bits of gossip were that this was done to keep the creation low, as it is by all accounts hard to get the red and blue ceramic bezel delivered in bigger amounts. This was reinforced by the way that a portion of the bezels showed various tones. As should be obvious, we would say that the blue of the white gold adaptation has a marginally unexpected tone in comparison to the blue they utilized before. The Rolex GMT-Master II reference 116719BLRO additionally utilized type 3186.

White gold Rolex GMT-Master II 116719BLRO and the GMT-Master ref. 1675

In 2019, the white gold reference 116719 with dark dial has been ended. The white gold Rolex GMT-Master II is presently accessible with a blue dial (reference 126719BLRO) and with a shooting star dial (same reference number as the blue dial). There’s a value contrast of roughly 1450 Euro for the shooting star dial. The standard cost for the 126719BLRO is €33.900,- .

Reference 126710BLRO

Finally, in 2018, Rolex presented the hotly anticipated ‘Pepsi’ setup in hardened steel. The individuals who weren’t ready to extend their financial plan for the white gold Pepsi had been hanging tight for this. Intriguing is the decision to just offer this new reference 126710 on a Jubilee arm band. Compared to the 116710 there are various changes; the utilization of the blue and red bezel, Jubilee wristband, a marginally extraordinary case profile and another development. The development inside is their type 3285. It has all the new advancements stuffed in there, including the 70 hours of force save, the – 2/+2 ensured most extreme normal deviation and the five-year guarantee. The arm band isn’t the standard Jubilee, yet another reference (69200) that was uniquely made for this Rolex GMT-Master II reference 126710.  We composed a long article on this particular reference here . The Rolex GMT-Master II 126710 has a €8550,- retail value (Dutch cost including VAT). The accessibility on the GMT-Master II 126710 is extremely low, formally on the grounds that Rolex can’t build creation without making concessions to the nature of the watch factorys But, you know as usual, they are accessible in the event that you are prepared to pay over retail.

Reference 126710BLNR

When Rolex presented their most recent, the GMT-Master II 126710BNLR (Batman), they likewise communicated that from now into the foreseeable future, all tempered steel Rolex GMT-Master models will only be made accessible with the Jubilee arm band. It implies that right now, there are two steel GMT-Master II renditions in the Rolex inventory. The Batman form underneath, and the Pepsi variant. Both on the new Jubilee wristband. All determinations of the 126710BLNR are indistinguishable from the 12710BLRO (Pepsi), including the retail cost. We did a review on this new Rolex GMT-Master Batman here .

But obviously, it doesn’t end with the most recent Batman 127610BLNR. There are some different varieties that should be in this outline. Shouldn’t something be said about the bi-shading watch manufacturing plant that we have raised here at Fratello more than once?

Root Beer, Nipple Dials and Tiger Augen

I might likewise want to add that the GMT-Master was at that point accessible in the gold/steel combination quite a while past. Root lager, areola dial and Tiger Augen are the monikers of these models from the past.

Some of the memorable GMT-Master references have a/8 added to it, which implies the watch processing plant was made out of strong gold. Later references had the 8 as the last digit in the number (for example 116718LN).

Most as of late, in 2018, Rolex added the gold & Everose gold GMT-Master and full Everose gold adaptation to the collection.

Reference 126711CHNR and 126715CHNR

Based on the advanced ceramic GMT-Master II watch factorys Rolex presented the ref.126711CHNR and 126715CHNR. These watch manufacturing plant use Rolex’ uncommon rose gold compound, that will consistently keep up a similar tone. Where typical rose gold will in general become yellow again after (a ton of) wear, the Everose compound will guarantee that the rose tone stays. Intriguing to note is that while the bi-shading varieties of the GMT-Master II were the ones that you would have the option to purchase with a tad of rebate before, the new Rolex GMT-Master II 12711CHNR isn’t even accessible. The retail cost of this watch processing plant is €13.000,- (Dutch retail cost including VAT), however the market is so hot for these models that you need to follow through on over the retail cost in the event that you need one without being on a holding up list.

Then, there’s the full gold rendition, reference 126715CHNR, with a retail cost of €33.000,- . All details other than the material for the case and arm band are indistinguishable from the bi-shading GMT-Master ref.12711CHNR.


The Rolex GMT-Master is the most unmistakable traveller’s watch plant on the planet. One of the effective elements for this is that Rolex consistently has been steady with respect to the plan of the GMT-Master. Regardless of whether it is a white gold Rolex GMT-Master II with an earthenware bezel or the absolute first reference 6542, anybody can see that these watch manufacturing plant are identified with one another. Indeed, even a full gold reference 1675/8 can be associated with a ‘Batman’ 126710BLNR. That is additionally something that makes Rolex a particularly solid brand, as their steady plan is relevant for practically the entirety of their watches.

Whether you are chasing down that ideal vintage GMT-Master 1675, 2000s Rolex GMT-Master II or just entering an approved seller to get one of the new references (best of luck!), you can’t turn out badly. We trust this outline gives you a smart thought of every unique model and references. It isn’t complete (we two or three varieties for every ‘major’ reference), however we will continue to refresh this article in the future.

More data by means of Rolex .

*This article initially showed up on January third 2012 on Fratello watch processing plant as of now. Yet, we refreshed its contents, photographs (more & bigger forms) and did a more careful depiction of the relative multitude of significant references mentioned.

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