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Rolex Metals: Stainless Steel, White Gold, and Two-Tone

Rolex Metals: Stainless Steel, White Gold, and Two-Tone

A gold Rolex watch has become a globally perceived image of accomplishment and individual accomplishment; anyway Rolex fabricates their watches from various metals, to accomplish a scope of appearances and differing levels of extravagance. While a yellow gold Rolex is a dependable tasteful, coming up next are probably the most famous choices that Rolex offers today.

Rolex Black Stainless Steel Submariner

Stainless Steel

Although it is the most common and humble material that Rolex uses to fabricate their watches, stainless steel on Submariners is additionally viewed as the most pragmatic. Notwithstanding being dramatically more affordable than gold, stainless steel is likewise fundamentally lighter and more grounded, which makes for a general more powerful and tough watch.

From inside their in-house foundry situated at their Plan-les-Ouates site, Rolex fabricates their own 904L stainless steel combination, which is profoundly erosion safe and ready to take on an outstanding sheen when cleaned. Because of its enemy of consumption abilities, 904L stainless steel is as often as possible utilized in high-innovation and the substance and aviation ventures. While exceptionally viable from a useful outlook, the one of a kind properties of 904L stainless steel permit Rolex watches to keep up their excellence and finish, even in the harshest conditions.

The Rolex Smurf is a white gold watch, ideal for any occasion.

White Gold

Some people want the super exceptional feel of a strong gold Rolex; anyway they would fundamentally prefer not to wear an altogether yellow gold watch as their ordinary watch. In these occurrences, 18-karat white gold is a magnificent elective that has overall similar characteristics of a customary yellow gold in a more flexible and downplayed bundle.

Much like essentially all the other things that Rolex produces, the white gold utilized for Rolex watches is an exclusive 18-karat combination that is explicitly designed for ideal solidness and takes on an uncommon shine when cleaned. Moreover, Rolex saves certain setups of looks for white gold references just, like the all-blue “Smurf” Submariner , and the “Pepsi” form of the artistic GMT-Master II.

Last, yet not least, two-tone!


One of the most famous metal setups for Rolex watches is the combination of stainless steel and gold, referred to in Rolex classification as Rolesor . These watches have their bezels, winding crowns, and focus wristband joins create from 18-karat gold, while the center case and external connections of the arm band are produced using 904L stainless steel.

Two-tone ( Rolesor ) watches follow a comparable stylish as the exemplary gold Rolex; anyway the expansion of stainless steel components makes for a marginally more adaptable and quelled appearance. Two-tone watches can be all the more handily coordinated to accompanying bits of gems or different things inside a person’s closet. Furthermore, two-tone Rolex watches are altogether more affordable than their strong gold partners, regardless of containing indistinguishable developments and having a very much like visual appearance.

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