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Rolex Submariner Stainless Steel 16800

Rolex Submariner Stainless Steel 16800

Made renowned by Timothy Dalton in his part as James Bond in License to Kill, albeit the watch is just seen all through the film, the Rolex Submariner 16800 has become an exemplary watch with an attitude.  The Rolex watches worn via Sean Connery, George Lazenby and Roger Moore donned substantially more of a dressy look, however Timothy Dalton’s Rolex was the first to remember the amplified bubble for the date for the sapphire crystal.  Interestingly enough, Dalton was likewise the last Bond to wear Rolex because of an extensive stretch of torpidity in the motion pictures throughout legitimate battles.  By the time Bond was permitted to get back to the screen, the world had proceeded onward and the creators felt different brands were more current and appropriate.

A Submariner 16800 is an astonishing watch known for its exemplary plan and utility underwater.

No matter what the producers of Bond motion pictures think, notwithstanding, you infrequently locate a preferable exemplary over the Rolex Submariner watch assortment , and the hardened steel 16800 is one of the best of this class.  truth be told, the 16800 was a harbinger, imparting considerably more in common to present day Rolex watches than the early Bond styles .  Furthermore, the 16800 is an incredible vintage purchase, with value focuses only a little over another Submariner.

History of the Submariner 16800

THis watch was first made for jumpers who expected to monitor time underwater.

The soonest waterproof watches were made by Rolex for jumpers and other people who required waterproof watches that were handily seen submerged .  They included simple to-peruse numerals that would appear in faint light and a waterproof case that opposed water strain to 100 meters.  Later, propelling innovation permitted Submariners to oppose water up to 300 meters or almost 1,000 feet.

It would be difficult to envision a Submariner more “average” and ownership the majority of the best highlights of the line than the 16800.  This watch has everything and is the encapsulation of Submariner innovation, including:

  • Easy-to-see numerals and “house of God” hands with fatter end focuses to help with perusing the watch underwater.
  • A unidirectional bezel with markings for the initial fifteen minutes and five-minute work marks out the 60
  • A huge twisting crown with crown defenders to maintain a strategic distance from harm from bumps
  • A sapphire gem that gives clear, simple perusing of all dial elements
  • The bubble date window, intended to help you read the date effectively in low light and keep a qualification between the time and date functions

The Submariner Reference 16800 remaining parts a notable and excellent illustration of the ideal, basic Rolex that works nearly anywhere.

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