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Rolex Vintage of the Week – Rolex Daytona, ref. 6262

Rolex Vintage of the Week – Rolex Daytona, ref. 6262

vintage daytona 6262 rolex

The Rolex Daytona, reference 6262 is one of the most extraordinary vintage Rolex observes at any point made. Created for just a year in 1970, ref. 6262 was a temporary model. Instead of using a portion of Rolex’s well known mechanical advancements, like the “Shellfish” case, ref. 6262 offered a combination of extravagance and antiquated plan. Seen by most as flashy and illogical, the Dayton ref. 6262 didn’t sell well, rapidly being eliminated and supplanted with more present day and actually progressed models. Presently, be that as it may, the Rolex Daytona, ref. 6262 is at long last sought after, having become perhaps the most uncommon watch at any point made by Rolex.

Vintage 6262 Daytona

Produced for just a year in 1970, ref. 6262, alongside ref. 6238, 6239, and 6241, were the archetypes to the later vintage Oyster Daytona models. These momentary models were, generally, business disappointments, yet prepared for some other time, incredibly effective models. Due to its temporary state, ref. 6262 was created in little amounts. Set apart with chronic numbers 2.241.000 to 2.589.000, 347,000 Rolex Daytona ref. 6262’s were created in 1970. Inside this fairly little creation number, just around thirty 18k gold variants of ref. 6262 were even made.

Vintage Rolex 6262

When at first presented, the Daytona, ref. 6262 was not generally welcomed. Instead of offering the solidness of other Rolex models, similar to the Submariner, ref. 6262 was very delicate. Ref. 6262 was additionally costly. The watch highlights numerous extravagant things, for example, 17 gems and applied twirly doo numerals with glowing accents on the dial. The actual dial was accessible in a few choices. Most of ref. 6262 watches were delivered in steel, with the dial accessible in a white foundation and dark register dials, or a dark foundation with white register dials. The uncommon 18k gold form of ref. 6262 included a comparative plan, however with a more amicable champagne shading supplanting the white alternative. The dial’s most visual component is positively its three little register dials for second, moment, and hour readings, complete with radiant hands.

Vintage Daytona Movement

Ref. 6262 is a definitely more massive watch than large numbers of Rolex’s more rich models, highlighting a tonneau-molded water-safe sort case, instead of the smooth Rolex “Shellfish” case. Its size and cumbersomeness made it unfeasible for night wear, while its delicacy made it unreasonable for proficient wear. Ref. 6262 likewise must be physically twisted, as it is furnished with a Rolex Cal. 722 movement, an adjusted rendition of the Valjoux movement. This combination of components made the watch unfeasible for by far most of Rolex clients, driving down interest for the Dayton ref. 6262. With just a little level of Rolex clients even distantly keen on the piece, it was rapidly discontinued.

Vintage Daytona Crystal

Forty-in addition to years after the fact, the Dayton ref. 6262 is presently sought after by gatherers. Due to its extraordinariness, both in plan and numbers, this specific watch can get an exorbitant cost. Despite the fact that Rolex appears to have made a business blunder when planning and advertising this specific watch, gatherers consider it to be an uncommon and significant thing, catching a snapshot of Rolex history.

Crown Vintage 6262 Daytona

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