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Rolex Watches of 2017’s Highest Paid Celebs: Musicians & Actors

Rolex Watches of 2017’s Highest Paid Celebs: Musicians & Actors


Ed Sheeran

Rank: #71

Earnings: $37M

English outline clincher Ed Sheeran has a fabulous extravagance watch assortment by all accounts crossing various brands and models. Also, inside his watch box lives quite possibly the best vintage extravagance observes ever — a Daytona Paul Newman .

Ed Sheeran has a vintage Paul Newman from Rolex. (Credit: IrishMirror)

The Chainsmokers

Rank: #35,

Earnings: $68M

Both individuals from the millennial hit-production pair, The Chainsmokers, have been photographed wearing Rolex watches on numerous events. Alex Pall settles on a two-tone Rolex Datejust while Drew Taggart wears a treated steel Datejust II with a Jubilee bracelet.

These two artists are completely in a state of harmony with their Datejust watches. (credit: HollywoodReporter)

Bruno Mars

Rank: #60

Earnings: $39M

Singer-lyricist Bruno Mars has professed his affection for gold not just through his tune and album 24K Magic, but with his decision of wristwear as well. He switches back and forth between a strong 18k yellow gold Rolex Day-Date President and a two-tone Rolex Datejust.

Bruno Mars is seen with the President in his music video “24K Magic”. (Credit: Bruno Mars)


Rank: #55

Earnings: $42M

Music magnate Jay-Z is no more abnormal to extravagance watches. His rap verses are peppered with references to probably the best brands and he even has a line of Shawn Carter by Hublot watches and a limited edition Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore “Jay-Z” assortment to his name. Additionally in his own watch assortment are top Rolex watches like yellow gold and platinum Presidents alongside a yellow gold Sky-Dweller. We’ve even spotted Jay-Z shaking the mainstream steel and earthenware Daytona with the white Panda dial.

Jay-Z has a remarkable assortment of watches which incorporate a yellow gold Sky-Dweller. (Credit: GQ)

Jimmy Buffett

Rank: #35

Earnings: $50.5M

Aside from his music, Jimmy Buffett is an accomplished money manager in charge of the Margaritaville way of life brand. He’s likewise been a Rolex fan for quite a while. All through his profession, he’s well used a vintage gold GMT-Master, a steel GMT-Master, and all the more as of late, a Sky-Dweller.

Jimmy Buffet is another artist wearing a Rolex Sky-Dweller. (Credit: Jake’s Rolex Magazine)

Bruce Springsteen

Rank: #17

Earnings: $75M

What watch does the Boss wear, you inquire? A hardened steel Rolex Submariner with dark dial and dark bezel obviously. Similar as Bruce Springsteen, it’s a notable, reliable, and rugged Rolex that won’t ever let you down.

Bruce Springsteen stays with the exemplary Submariner. (Credit: Jake’s Rolex Magazine)

Justin Bieber

Rank: #13

Earnings: $83.5M

Love him or disdain him, at 23 years of age, Justin Bieber has quite recently collected his biggest yearly check at this point. What’s more, it really is ideal too on the grounds that he has costly insight with regards to wrist wear. From what we’ve seen, he several yellow gold and jewel Rolex President models alongside a yellow gold and precious stone Daytona. He likewise sports a subtle stainless steel Datejust II with a dark dial.

Justin Bieber wears a yellow gold Daytona in this image. (credit: PicsHouse2.com)

The Weeknd

Rank: #6

Earnings: $92M

In his song, Sidewalks, The Weeknd gladly sang “Destitute to Forbes list” consummately typifying his stratospheric ascend to the highest point of the music scene as of late. Furthermore, he isn’t modest about spending his newly discovered abundance all things considered. Beside getting his companion a precious stone encrusted Patek Philippe Nautilus watch for his birthday, The Weeknd has additionally picked up some fine looks for himself. Most eminently we’ve seen him wearing a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date II, an Everose gold Day-Date 40, and a hardened steel Datejust II with a Jubilee bracelet.

The Weeknd shakes out with the yellow gold President. (Credit: Looklive.com)


Rank: #4

Earnings: $94M

Not that a long ways in front of The Weeknd is individual Toronto local, Drake. His crazy yearly earning is thanks partially to Drake being the world’s most-streamed craftsman in the course of recent months. Drake enjoys his Rolex watches to carry a ton of style to the table. Take for instance his sumptuous jewel set GMT-Master II SANR with precious stones and dark sapphires on the bezel. Or then again his strong yellow gold Daytona with the Paul Newman accolade dial and his yellow gold Sky-Dweller. Also, we should not fail to remember his love for Rolex President models in yellow and Everose gold.

Drake has a remarkable assortment including a rose gold Day-Date. (Credit: TheSource.com)

Sean Combs

Rank: #1

Earnings: $130M

Not just is Sean Combs (otherwise known as Diddy otherwise known as P. Diddy otherwise known as Puffy otherwise known as Puff Daddy) the most generously compensated performer on the current year’s Forbes list, he claimed top spot for 2017 out of each of the 100 VIPs. Practically 50% of his 2017 income is because of selling a bit his Sean John garments line for an incredible $70 million. Notwithstanding his Everose gold Daytona and diamond Datejust, Combs is additionally a fanatic of the Day-Date (otherwise known as the Rolex President otherwise known as the Rollie Presidential).

Sean Combs is seen wearing a gold Daytona Rolex watch. (Credit: UpscaleHype)

Whether it’s another collection or setting out on a world visit, it surely pays to make sweet music. Also, as these 11 rich performers illustrate, it’s enjoyable to get a Rolex (or two or ten) in transit up the graphs. Next up will be Part III of this arrangement where we’ll dive into the watch tastes of the entertainers that made it on the Forbes’ 100 World’s Highest-Paid Entertainers 2017 rundown. Try not to miss it!

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