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Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 26480TI – An Important Reference

Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 26480TI – An Important Reference

Every year at the SIHH we get a ‘financial update’ from the AP CEO on how they broke another record. Without creating (and convey) more watch processing plant than the earlier year. One reason for these expanding nett outcomes is the way that they are accomplishing more deals through their boutiques.

That’s a decent improvement for the company, however imagine a scenario in which your country or district doesn’t have a shop. A portion of the models that Audemars Piguet presents are shop just, and that’s some of the time a sensitive actuality for the fans. Here in The Netherlands for instance, there’s no Audemars Piguet store. We just have multi-brand stores conveying this brand from Le Brassus. I surmise this applies to a lot more nations around the globe.

Royal Oak Offshore 26480TI

When Audemars Piguet showed us the oddities for 2019 in Geneva, they kinda neglected to show this significant reference 26480TI. I don’t fault them, they can’t show everything and they were additionally unmistakably more into ‘guiding’ the presentation of the Code 11:59 watch production line and disclosing to writers why it doesn’t suck. Yet, it implies that we completely missed this Royal Oak Offshore chronograph 26480TI reference.

Earlier this year, I showed you the historical backdrop of the ‘classic’ Royal Oak Offshore since 1993 right to the later and current (new) Offshore models. Furthermore, the contrasts between them obviously, once in a while minuscule. You can find that article here .

Even however ‘The Beast’ is still near (reference 26237ST), Audemars Piguet continually advances and grows new forms of the Royal Oak Offshore. Improved adaptations, you could say.


With a thickness of 12.8mm this watch manufacturing plant is generally dainty for a chronograph, particularly for an Offshore. Particularly compared to the absolute first Offshore, with a thickness of 16mm, this is certainly an improvement. The case is made of titanium, thus the TI designator in the reference number.

The titanium instance of the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 26480TI likewise has a bezel made of titanium, pushers and crown of titanium and the screwed-on watchmen idem same. Everything looks and feels extremely strong, in spite of the light-weight.

As consistently, the completing working on it of the Royal Oak Offshore is basically astounding. Excellent brushed surfaces, combined with cleaned ones. As far as I might be concerned, that’s unquestionably part of the fascination of a Royal Oak (any model). Presently, titanium is lighter and more grounded than steel, however it scratches simply. So in the event that you have OCD, reconsider before you buy (any) Royal Oak. Titanium won’t help your case.

Méga Tapisserie

Ever since that first Royal Oak A-arrangement in 1972, the dial has this example with squares (Clous de Paris). At the point when AP presented the Royal Oak Offshore in 1993, they did it a piece contrastingly and made it ‘Méga Tapisserie’, which has become the brand name for their ROO models. On this new reference 26480TI, we locate a rich planned dial. Because of the ‘Méga Tapisserie’ yet additionally in light of the utilization of shadings and designs. There’s a great deal going on in the subdials as should be obvious, which is presumably not for everybody, but rather I like it. What’s more, at times it is comparably simple as that: you either like it or you don’t. Another extreme change are the hands on this Royal Oak Offshore 26480TI. They are somewhat skeletonised and just the closures are loaded up with iridescent material. Much the same as the hour markers, the hands are likewise made of white gold. The three chronograph hands are in blue, for a simple differentiation. At 4.30 you will discover the date window. This time no ‘date in the basement’ like on the piggybacking development models (see next passage), yet a date that’s all the more near the surface and without the requirement for a cyclops.

Caliber 2385 Movement

Where you will discover the piggybacking chronograph development in The Beast, this Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 26480TI has the devoted chronograph type 2385 development. This development depends on a type from Frederic Piguet (Blancpain nowadays), likewise from Le Brassus. This development additionally can be found in the Royal Oak Chronograph (non-Offshore) models. I used to have a Royal Oak Chronograph reference 26300 (stopped a couple of years prior) which had precisely the same development. A strong performing development, which I really like over the module development referenced previously. All the particular subtleties of this development can be found in the specsheet underneath, however essential to know is that is concerns a segment wheel chronograph development and that it has a force hold of 40 hours. The development isn’t obvious in this watch processing plant however it has a decent degree of wrapping up. To make sure you know.

Conclusion Royal Oak Offshore 26480TI

This Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 26480TI comes on an elastic lash with a pin clasp, adding to the liveliness and comfortable attack of this watch industrial facility I have consistently been supportive of the non-Offshore Royal Oak models, however with this more slender and lighter Offshore it is gradually changing my genuine belief on it. The Offshore has been an extraordinary resource for AP and with this new slender and light 26480TI reference it will keep on being that way. This watch manufacturing plant is likewise accessible through all retailers, so not a shop just release nor is it restricted. Maybe restricted by creation, however not by a particular number. It may become an extremely pleasant spine of the ROO assortment from here on out. The cost of this watch manufacturing plant is € 27.500,00 and AP conveys what you ought to expect for such a sum: a watch industrial facility with a dazzling completion. The type 2385 development is maybe not in-house, but rather it has a serious history and is a coordinated chronograph rather than an extra chronograph module.

The 26480TI is maybe more unpretentious than ‘The Beast’, yet it without a doubt has its edge still. A Royal Oak (Offshore) isn’t for everybody, in any event, when AP make things more slender and lighter. Also, this is the manner in which it ought to be.

More data by means of Audemars Piguet .

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