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Rubens Barrichello and Artisans de Genève, present “La Barrichello”

Rubens Barrichello and Artisans de Genève, present “La Barrichello”

“I have consistently felt weak at the knees over the Daytona, and I needed to make it my own particular manner. Because of Artisans de Genève, my watch is currently unmatched, it bears details that make it special as a F1 vehicle, as my vehicle. An interesting development, particular shapes, exceptional bends and an unprecedented instrument. I love it ! Artisans de Genève has managed to accomplish a specialized ability, each detail is completely executed with the very concern for extraordinary perfection that we find in the hustling scene”.

Rubens Barrichello

Rubens Barrichello found hustling at 9 years old and quickly felt for it, he soon got one of the most youthful pilots throughout the entire existence of the F1 championship. He started by hustling for Jordan, at that point for the incomparable Jacky Stewart prior to becoming a legend himself at Ferrari. He won 11 Grand Prix and scored 68 podiums.

Rubens Barrichello’s customization

Artisans de Genève couldn’t ever have imagined the test that anticipated them when Rubens Barrichello accompanied the undertaking to return to his Rolex Daytona. Together, they reevaluated the watch to give it a profoundly mechanical style, mirroring the pilot’s affection for dashing. Through this collaboration, Artisans de Genève plans to offer every auto devotee, in a restricted limit, the novel personalization of Rubens Barrichello, one of the best riders of all time.

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La Barrichello is entirely altered by hand. To make Rubens’ watch plant exceptional, Artisans de Genève contemplated everything about: drags, internal points, DLC black pushers. The earthenware bezel is handmade in their swiss sworkshops. The counters highlight three red and white bolt formed hands, entirely decorated by hand. For an ideal completion, the checking of the seconds counter is painted by hand in red. Its monochrome style, defined by notes of black and dim, just as the unobtrusive hints of red, give it an ageless look.

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Skeleton movement

Each a piece of the development has entirely been modified by hand. Each part has been dismantled one by one with an outrageous precision, at that point skeletonized and slanted by hand to improve this special type. The principle normal for La Barrichello is its straight lines, stressed by the sloping, a skill requiring an ideal execution that only a couple experts manage to accomplish. Artisans de Genève and Rubens Barrichello, worked with Philippe Narbel, an angling master and went for inward inclines, an incredibly fastidious procedure that requires a really long time of work, giving La Barrichello its special sharp and restless style.


The awry, slanted, and hand-skeletonized dial is a reminder of the auto world. Focusing on straightforwardness, Rubens Barrichello needed a matte dial, with a serious black that would uncover each detail of the skeleton.

The rotor is roused by the state of Rubens Barrichello’s vehicle hubscapes. Made from a piece of 21ct gold, the openworked rotor is completely machined and angled by hand, it’s at that point treated with a Black DLC coating.

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Base: Rolex 116520

Diameter: 40 millimeters

Dial: Skeleton dial slanted by hand, checked Rubens Barrichello

Hands: Hours and minutes hands replaced and painted

Bezel: Ceramic bezel

Case: Rolex 916L steel

Movement: Rolex 4130 skeleton development, bezeled by hand, with 21ct gold rotor

Materials: Steel

Waterproofing: Water safe up to 100 meters

Polishing: Hand-cleaned

Background : Transparent Sapphire back

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