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Sacre Blanc! The White Gold Daytona 116509 Makes the Scene in St. Barth’s

Sacre Blanc! The White Gold Daytona 116509 Makes the Scene in St. Barth’s

White Gold Daytona


Sacre Blanc

Following our high-octane experiences with the dazzling white gold Rolex Daytona 116509 at its otherworldly home – otherwise known as the Daytona International Speedway – during the Ferrari World Challenge Finals , we believed we merited some truly necessary R&R. Maybe even the actual watch required some “downtime” in the wake of having been the object of so much gaping and honestly vulgar gazes. It’s only one out of every odd day that you experience a white gold Daytona in nature. Indeed, even at an occasion of that type. It’s intended to be an extraordinariness, the best, rich articulation of the advanced Daytona, a symbol in any structure. Bringing about double the cost of its pure brethren.

Which Ferrari would you take for a spin?

It’s looks, as we noted down on the landing area in Florida doing hot laps with any semblance of Ferrari F1 driver Sebastian Vettel , are completely fit to a track-just monster like the $1 million or more Ferrari FXXK, the white gold Daytona of Ferraris, maybe. The inquiry remained, how might it passage on the similarly selective island of St. Barth’s in the West Indies, authoritatively an “abroad collectivity” having a place with France, and effectively summarized as Paris on the Caribbean with all that involves – energizing nightlife, shocking extravagance resorts, delightful French food, great champagne, lovely ladies and stunning sea shores for the entirety of the above to disport upon. All epitomizing such an easygoing style the French figure out how to make show up so easy – particularly the rich ones.

Beautiful Beaches at St. Parth

White Gold Daytona ref. 116509

Who constantly wear Rolexes (what else)? Presently we’ve just referenced the two central issues about the White Gold Daytona 116509 (in the future the “WGD”), beside its unmistakable twofold dark and red dial – the gold is both heavier and gentler than steel, a contemplated difficulty that says you appreciate the best materials and craftsmanship over simply functional worries about how much discipline your watch can take – excessively a very remarkable accountant mindset for the WGD man, you comprehend. Where some see scratches and imprints the WGD man sees patina, gloss, character, and almost certainly, reviews the suggestive scene or experience (likely affectionate, on St. Barth’s) that actuated every one to appear.

White Gold Dayton Ref. 116

This is a watch that transmits cool certainty and 007-like sang froid –in any event, when driving nothing quicker than one of the island’s unmistakable Mini Mokes. At the Eden Rock St. Barth’s , one of the world’s most lovely beachfront inns, the 116509 commanded the best, most noteworthy suite; the costliest distinctive mixed drink at its shocking bar On The Rocks; the best table at close by Nikki Beach, where supermodels and very rich people grunt beluga and osetra; and the consideration of the hottest moving young ladies at the incomparable Le TI St. Barth. Alright that was me, yet wearing the WGD one could scarcely do less. N’est-ce pas… .?

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