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Schwarz Etienne – The ‘White Label’ Manufacture

Schwarz Etienne – The ‘White Label’ Manufacture

Even now, right around two decades since the Swatch Group declared their expectation to stop providing their opponents with ETA types, it appears to be the world’s most renowned development maker is as yet the main decision for most little brands.

But on the off chance that we burrow underneath the surface we find that there are a lot of independent maisons to look over. The main part of which were founded or enormously expanded in the wake of the Swatch Group’s normal departure from the market. Somewhat shockingly, in any case, there are a not many that have been enduring and flourishing for an extremely lengthy timespan indeed.

Schwarz Etienne

One such producer is Schwarz Etienne. An all inclusive resource for type creation, SE has been beavering away in La-Chaux-de-Fonds since 1902, braving the influxes of the twentieth century to wind up on a peak in 2019.

Not just does Schwarz Etienne have over a hundred years of continuous experience under its belt, but their availability as a development provider is likewise a gigantic draw for independents. Life span in our industry regularly brings about companies developing an isolationist streak. The way that a Maison of SE’s quality is as yet able to work with ‘rival’ brands says a lot of how they see the job of an assembling brand in a feasible environment these days.

Chanel and Dunhill

Founded at the beginning of humankind’s most enterprising century by a couple pair, the company initially had a few brand names under its control, making developments for Venus, Alpha, Sultana Le Phare, and Astin among others.

Word of their abilities before long spread. Gigantic brands, for example, Chanel and Dunhill utilized the administrations of Schwarz Etienne. The children of Paul Arthur Schwarz and Olga Etienne at last assumed control over their folks’ company in 1940. The young men managed a global extension as the company developed all through Europe and, ultimately, Asia.

The company arrived at its peak during the sixties, a decade prior to the beginning of the quartz emergency. Having moved with the punches of the seventies and mid eighties, Schwarz Etienne started delivering watch processing plant under its own name during the eighties.

The Roswell

Today, under the responsibility for Radichhi – a neighborhood finance manager who bought the company in 2007 – the brand is known for mechanical flair, stand-apart feel, and the reality they will work with more modest brands looking outside of what might be expected for a top notch provider that needs to be important for a problematic endeavour.

Were it not for their CEO Mauro Ergemini’s innovative vision, precisely what Schwarz Etienne can offer end buyers, yet additionally different brands probably won’t be so self-evident. The own-label assortment of watch processing plant by SE is an ideal platform to exhibit the developments that are available independently, just as the tremendously powerful design of which the brand is competent of.

Each of the in-house models is a material for articulation and an advert for a chance. My undisputed top choice is the Roswell. Because of the cautious energetic styling as well as gratitude to the numerous individual contacts politeness of Ergemini. The stone on the rear of the Voyage model really comes from a piece of meteor debris found by Ergemini during a Swiss mountain journey on the Matterhorn.

And we should not fail to remember the top of the line horological nouse!


Presenting their generally surprising and aggressive developments in a particularly capturing bundle is one section intense and one section clever. This is an uncompromising design that emphasizes the novel development engineering. The ISE100.11 development is one of the brands generally complex. To feature the fantastic assembling norms, the development’s innards have been flipped (ISE represents Irreversible Schwarz Etienne). This implies the miniature rotor weight is noticeable from the front (at 9 o’clock), and the balance is afforded a reasonable and cleaned up view.

There is a splendid, creative, and natural quality to the Schwarz Etienne Roswell (particularly the 08 model). It helps me to remember a sharp and upscale Saville Row custom fitted coat with an intense hued lining. Add to this the after deals capacities of any in-house assembling to ensure fix of any watch production line and you have an inconceivable incentive for the end purchaser, and a ground-breaking likely organization for an individual independent brand.

The truth that a modern company isn’t just drawn in with the requirements of their industry peers, yet additionally creating types that are desirable items in themselves provides a phenomenal lift in confidence for the watch-inquisitive to wander into the independent realm.

Ode au Printemps Retrograde Tourbillon

Without this open-entryway strategy, numerous independent brands that have practical experience in marking, story-creation, and design instead of in-house fabricating, would be compelled to move toward one or the other large, to some degree callous Swiss development makes, or re-appropriate creation to Asia.

The presence of marques like Schwarz Etienne can just serve to light a fire under the competition and keep the nearby watchmaking community economical, which is uplifting news for everybody.

This white label maker has the family and ability to help an entire portion of the market. 117 years into their set of experiences and the company has discovered the formula for accomplishment in the modern day. Hopefully they proceed with their great work as they hope to grow their stretch around the globe.

More data through the Schwartz Etienne .

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