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Shades of Green: Rolex Watches to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Shades of Green: Rolex Watches to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

With St. Patrick’s day right into the great beyond (or is it over the rainbow?) we direct our concentration toward green Rolex watches. Also, since green is Rolex’s particular shade, there’s a lot to browse. Regardless of whether you choose to don head-to-toe emerald stuff or keep it insignificant with simply a dash of shading, investigate these three distinctive green Rolex watches to get you in the merry state of mind.

This Datejust has follow measures of green on the roman numerals.

Subtle Green: Rolex Datejust II 116333

The Rolex Datejust II at 41mm is a bigger and sportier option in contrast to the exemplary Datejust 36 watch. Like the more modest Datejust assortment of watches, the greater Datejust comes in a scope of metal decisions including steel, gold and Rolesor two-tone, for example, this fabulous Rolex Datejust II 116333. The blend of hearty tempered steel and valuable yellow gold is an exemplary combination that will consistently look incredible.

And while there are incalculable dial alternatives to browse, for St. Paddy’s Day we love this record dial with green-laid out dark Roman numerals. An unobtrusive way to deal with wearing a green Rolex watch.

The Kermit is another incredible decision to wear this St. Patrick’s Day 2018.

More Green: Rolex Submariner 16610LV

If you need more green on your Rolex watch, at that point feast your eyes on the celebrated Submariner ref. 16610LV, a.k.a. “The Kermit” . As its frog-propelled moniker infers, this Submariner wears its green aluminum bezel gladly on top of its 40mm tempered steel case. This specific model was indeed delivered to praise the 50th commemoration of the most well known extravagance jumping observe at any point made.

Along with the green jumper’s bezel, the commemorative Submariner ref. 16610LV bears all the mark signs of Rolex’s mainstream plunging watch. There’s the date window on the dark dial at 3 o’clock amplified by the Cyclops focal point on the sapphire gem. There are additionally the huge lume plots enclosing the dial, alongside the brilliant Mercedes-style focus hands. At that point there’s the unquestionable lively steel Oyster wristband polishing off the famous look of this green Submariner.

What will you be wearing St. Patrick’s Day 2018?

Full-On Green: Rolex GMT-Master II 116718

If it’s an all out green Rolex watch you need, at that point look no farther than the lavish GMT-Master II ref. 116767. Created in strong 18k yellow gold and parading a dynamic green dial, this GMT-Master II is more eye catching than any St. Patrick’s procession out there.

Also a commemoration model, the GMT-Master II ref. 116718 made its presentation on the 50th commemoration of Rolex’s celebrated pilot’s watch. Notwithstanding denoting a significant achievement, the ref. 116718 likewise prepared for another age of Rolex sports watches. Keep in mind, this commemorative GMT-Master II ref. 116718 was the principal Rolex watch to highlight the now-pervasive Cerachrom clay bezel and the Parachrom hairspring fitted in the development.

This March 17, treat yourself to a superb glass (or two) of fine Irish bourbon and sidestep the shamrock and select rather for a green Rolex watch as your rabbit’s foot.

What’s your #1 green Rolex watch? Do you own one? Offer you comments and pictures with us underneath.

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