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#TBT Automatic Flyback Chronograph Seiko 7016-8000

#TBT Automatic Flyback Chronograph Seiko 7016-8000

One of the most confounding watch plant in my assortment. I generally gain some new useful knowledge about this model as I research it, attempting to assemble all the pieces. However the full story stays indistinct. Thusly, this article will be marginally unique in relation to my different audits on vintage pieces.

Even in the wake of committing dramatically more opportunity to uncovering data on this Seiko 7016 there is still a great deal I’m absent. In this way, I chose to distribute the continuous aftereffects of my discoveries. I trust there are some different gatherers that may reveal more insight into this fascinating model. Don’t hesitate to address or add any data you have on it.

Seiko 7016 Flyback Chronograph

Seiko 7016A in time perspective

Let’s tune in on the recorded setting first. Seiko presented first automatics with 6139 type in May 1969 ( click here for our Seiko 6139 versus Zenith El Primero article ). Next type 6138 was introduced a year after in 1970 with a 12-hour counter on top of a 30 slipped by minutes counter. It was just two years after the fact, in 1972, that Seiko showed the world the 7016A type, considered by watchmakers as quite possibly the most actually intriguing types from Seiko.

Clear realities about Seiko 7016A

The 7016A combines watchmaking innovation and fine designing from the Daini processing plant. In addition to the fact that it comes with a 12-hour recorder take a gander at the sub-register. It is not entirely obvious and botch it for some basic 30-minutes chronograph. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you see sub-dial at the 6 o’clock mark nearer, you will see two concentrically pivoting hands. The brilliant orange one including 30 or 60 slipped by minutes, the dark one beneath tallying hours up to 12. Another detail I especially like is that the sub-register hand doesn’t hop from one moment to another however moves continually. Another extensive distinction from first Seiko 6138/6139 .

Beware of shading play

If you begin investigating the Seiko 7016-8000 you may get somewhat befuddled when you see the sub-dial minute hand in orange, yet yellow as well. At the point when I was chasing down my piece, I saw no other clear dial contrast aside from this shading blend. Everything became more clear when I purchased the one with the orange hand. It was really at that time that I understood it basically changes tone in various light conditions. I felt so deceived that I returned and concentrated all the ref pictures I downloaded over the 4 months prior. I would wager genuine cash that each one of those hands were truly yellow. Indeed, presently I expect they were definitely not. Perhaps the most deceptive, yet exceptionally conceivable optical metamorphoses.

Flyback on 7016 got me hooked

I pushed the Seiko7016-8000 higher up on my shopping list the second I learned that its chrono has a flyback work. It fills in as normal – the top pusher starts and stops the chronograph and the lower pusher resets it. On the off chance that you reset it ceaselessly the chronograph, the chrono promptly keeps estimating time. Figuring in the past specialities, you as of now get very rich a bundle for such a decent watch manufacturing plant But we don’t stop here. The Seiko 7016-8000 likewise comes with a brisk set date, customizable by pulling and turning the crown out to the primary position. Changing the date instrument feels somewhat shivery yet it works reliably.

Other Seiko hacks

If you are as yet not snared, I will feed both of you different subtleties to adore. The crown is delicately sunk and leveled pleasantly with the watch manufacturing plant case. Notwithstanding a date show, theSeiko 7016-8000 additionally has a marker for the day of the week. Change-over framework is bi-lingual and accessible in two variations – English/Japanese or English/Roman numerals. Commendation. To change the day of the week you need to strangely, however comfortably push the crown down against the case.

Jewels check game

Maybe you saw there is no data on gems directly on the dial. In spite of the fact that it is a first class development with a complex arrangement of highlights, it has the most un-number of stones. 17 gems to be careful, compared to 23 gems in 7018 types. From a development perspective, the compact wheel train merits some consideration. „Rather than overhaul the principle plate to accommodate halfway haggles, Seiko decided to make changes to the actual wheels, ” clarifies regarded watchmaker for vintage pieces Richard Askham from the UK.

„The unnecessary extra person wheel comprises of two separate wheels on a single hub, each determined by a different pinion. The upper stuff carries on much the same as a regular awkward extra person wheel in that it moves power from the middle wheel to the fourth wheel. The lower gear is utilized just when the chronograph is locked in, moving force from the chronograph place wheel to the moment recording wheel.” 

Riddle #1 – Case of Seiko 7016-8000

Well, that was on the reasonable piece of my Seiko 7016-8000 story. Presently the marginally hazy inquiries come up. We should begin with the case. I discovered 2 distinct executions of the case. One with more adjusted edges like mine and a second form with sharp edges. My underlying idea was that the sharp one is the solitary unique and mine will be the equivalent, yet exceptionally cleaned. Yet, seeing an ever increasing number of adjusted cases accessible, many being alluded to as firsts, I began to focus closer on it. As you can see on the nitty gritty model to demonstrate comparison, the packaging on my watch processing plant at 9 o’clock is a lot more extensive and thicker than on the sharp one that I would consider a 100% known original.

If my Seiko 7016-8000 was only a cleaned illustration of the sharp one, there ought to be less mass obvious on the featured territories, not the other way around. This comparison doesn’t say how vigorously cleaned my Seiko was, however it certainly proposes there may be additional packaging choices accessible for this watch production line type. Because of the low differentiation among cleaned and brushed surfaces, I do accept my model may be softly polished.

A basic inquiry emerges – hello buddy, did you investigate old lists? Of course I did. I can show you how to say Catalog in 20 dialects. Be that as it may, the Seiko 7016-8000 doesn’t appear to be comprehensively introduced or promoted. I discovered only one screen capture from an old Italian index I am not ready to date, but rather it unmistakably shows the 7016-8000 of every a white form with multiplied hands in the sub-dial.

A brief investigate the 1976 and 1977 inventory may assist with the watch processing plant case issue as well. There are two case renditions of the ref 7018 accessible, one case close to the next. This leads me to expect that comparable case choices may be accessible for the 7016-8000 as well. With clear addendum that the sharp-edged case is more hard to come across.

Riddle #2 – Seiko 7016-8000/8001

90% of the relative multitude of models I saw conveyed a 7016-8001 etching working on it back. A couple of models, mine including, have 7016-8000 on it. Affirmed by various Seiko gatherers, we accept there were no distinctions in those models. 8000 or 8001 numbering would simply allude to the geographic zone the watch plant was sold in. I actually haven’t effectively figured out what district it addresses though.

Riddle #3 – Seiko 7016-8000 bracelet

I will save all the considerations here. There are two genuine possibility for wristband fit, both accepted to be unique and most likely shifted dependent on the objective market. Strong connection Stelux is available on two pieces we think about unique models. The wristband type with Z022 end interfaces as seen on my watch production line can be viewed as 100% unique to the watch industrial facility too as it is plainly noticeable on the screen capture from the old Italian Seikocatalogue.

Wearing Seiko fly back 7016

With a humble 38 mm breadth, this 21.600vph Seiko wears tiny yet is comfy and offers a substantial component armory. No compromise is important with regards to the control. Morning arrangement is quick, including no extra ringing, for example, a toothpick to get it set. One brisk slap for the effectively floating rotor is sufficient to awaken the programmed heart. Squeezing the top chrono pusher is unquestionably another experience. The equivalent with springing feeling when the crown sinks under your finger into the – 1 position and back when setting the weekday.

I think about the purple/blue dial with red tones (notice likewise red tip on focal chrono hand) more enchanting than the more regular and better clear white/dark rendition. In the event that you like the development however aren’t certain about the plan, you can take care of the single-hued 7016-7000 with a tachymeter scale or the square 7016-5010/5020 versions.

Final thoughts

Why isn’t the Seiko7016-8000/8001 more pursued? I don’t have the foggiest idea, I wouldn’t fret. Uplifting news is you don’t have to offer your kidney to get your hands on this entrancing shrouded jewel. Yet, what makes me wonder is the reason a particularly progressed piece hasn’t been talked about more distinctively. I do concede that the plan doesn’t punch authorities in the face and may be effectively tradable with ten other Seiko models. Yet, as far as I might be concerned, it shouts – full pack include set concealing specialities, for example, the flyback, stacked registers and a day/date framework set up with incredible designing virtuosity. Just for two or three hundred euros? For hell’s sake, yeah!


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