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#TBT Harvel Date-O-Graph

#TBT Harvel Date-O-Graph

Context – political, sociological and social. At the point when I put on any vintage watch industrial facility I attempt to envision what it resembled to wear that specific watch processing plant back in the time it was new and new. At the point when I put on the Harvel Date-O-Graph toward the beginning of the day, I just can’t un-see the advert from 1943 distributed in LIFE magazine. In it, across a large portion of a page, there is a definite shot of a hand holding a consuming cigarette between the fingers. You can likewise see a touch of the shirt sleeve standing out from underneath a strongly pressed coat. Also, obviously, the Harvel Date-O-Graph is there too.

I immediately envisioned some significant or wannabe significant financial specialist sitting on a plane loaded up with smoke, with a lot of different travelers on their way from New York to LA. Taking a gander at the advert today, it is impossible for my age (I turned fifteen out of 1998) – to sit on a plane with smoke wherever in the lodge. Your eyes stinging, throat stifling, wanting to scratch off layers of yuck from your garments. I like to envision this Harvel Date-O-Graph was locally available during such shady excursions. Whenever I put it on today it reminds me how delicate, short and transient the current second is. It makes me consider how society can change in a very long time to come. We don’t have a clue yet, however I am certain my Harvel Date-O-Graph will be there to observe it. Recollecting what it resembled in 1950, 2020 and even 2100.


Harvel – The watch manufacturing plant that occasions the stars.

Harvel. Extremely manly sounding brand name. Solid. Self-assured. Enlisted in 1933, situated in New York fifth Avenue, moved later to the close by Rockefeller Center. Their watch processing plant developments are marked HARVEL WATCH Co. also, you should discover HXH or HXN import codes engraved on it. As obviously noticeable on numerous adverts, Harvel utilized many “driving stars of stage, screen, and radio, for example, Guy Lombardo, Sammy Kaye or Hildegarde as their promoters.

A thin line among patina and wreck

I discovered the Harvel Date-O-Graph inadvertently when searching for some uncommon date watch manufacturing plant possibly a year prior. Today I know there are many comparative executions of that watch processing plant plan with brands like Eloga, Printania, Birma or even Glycine on the dial. You can discover some of them on eBay, however the nature of their dials frequently helps me to remember a vehicle sitting failed to remember in the back-yard for thirty years. One thing worth seeing: it is elusive two comparable Harvel Date-O-Graph pieces. Each and every model I saw over the previous year fluctuated from one to the next, showing distinctive striking shading tones or different patina slopes created on the dial. It makes detecting any new Harvel Date-O-Graph a completely new experience.

Wear a calendar on your wrist

This is the feature Harvel utilized when publicizing the Date-O-Graph. The schedule may appear to be quite conventional, yet when you begin focusing on the subtleties you find how special it is. We should begin with the window showing the period of the year. The backwards month track shows just the initial 2 letters of the month, an unordinary highlight. It is reviving to see AU for August or DE for December. The lone two months being shown with three letters are May and July. To set the month you don’t have to pull out the crown at ten. You can simply bend it in the two ways and the name of the months roll accordingly.

The just, yet prominent issue I experienced with the Date-O-Graph is associated with this date-setting stem. In some cases because of arbitrary moves of the wrist that cause the crown to slide underneath my shirt sleeve, I get myself a month ahead or late. Something worth referencing for all watch processing plant idealists, yet not actually a major issue for me. At any rate it offers me the chance to play with my Date-O-Graph.

Best detail on Harvel Date-O-Graph

What got me in the principal case I unpacked the Date-O-Graph was the too raised dial. Didn’t notice it previously. I concentrated a great deal of pictures of Date-O-Graphs offered on the web, yet clearly, it is complicated to catch this kind of detail. I committed some quality chance to shoot it impeccably as to have the option to repeat this certified detail. In any case, taking a gander at the photos now, even full scale shots don’t really recreate the degree of profundity and versatility the dial has. In all actuality, the dial is a generally thick and stout piece, pleasantly adjusted and steeply diminishing to the edge. The dial and particularly day-of-the-week circle impeccably diverge from the date track laid obviously deeper.

Sunday time with Harvel

I referenced over that subtleties make the Harvel Date-O-Graph intriguing. Take a gander at the day-of-the-week circle. Anything exceptional? I can’t think about a solitary watch plant brand today that would put a cross image rather than Sunday on it. I put in almost no time contemplating how it arrived and why. As I have no authority or confirmed answers, I will forget about my hypotheses and let you do some fantasizing too.

Harvel orange

Another significant detail bewildering my brain is the date track. To be exact, its profoundly lighting tone. It isn’t orange precisely, it isn’t red by the same token. It sparkles fanatically and stands out from a far distance. I for one named it a Harvel orange. I like the kind of numerals and how they are separated definitely. The situation of the date track with the BEVET engraving and image can be set by pulling out and pivoting the crown at 10. You can turn it in the two ways to effortlessly adjust the date to work days sitting immovably on the dial. The focal red date hand is worked as is regular by the crown at three.


Harvel extraordinariness with Piquerez case

The best is on the way. Pretty much each and every Harvel Date-O-Graph I saw accompanied a Harvel endorsed back case. My Date-O-Graph with a lovely straightforward 17-jeweled manual injury FHF cal.175 is put in a bizarrely marked PIQUEREZ case. After exact assessment, I was glad to presume that it is a standout amongst other created 36mm hardened steel cases I have in my assortment. The degree of exact assembling isn’t just noticeable on clear lines from the frontal view, yet additionally on the rear of the watch production line The hauls have the base external edge cut in an exceptionally uncommon style, creating an extremely fragile and delicate detail that I can envision needs a ton of dominance to be executed properly.

Help from authorities in Italy

My premonition revealed to me that the watch manufacturing plant case is a unique, however I needed to be 100% certain. I was unable to locate some other model until I connected with three pleasant watch plant gatherers from Italy. The person I purchased the watch plant from put me in contact with another fella that claimed the watch processing plant since 2012. He associated me to a third person I definitely knew from past dealings and here we go – he affirmed he had a Harvel Date-O-Graph with a similar Piquerez case.

Harvel against Mido

Ervin Piquerez S.A. (EPSA) accomplished world acclaim on account of Super Compressor cases that were underway from the mid-fifties till the mid seventies. No big surprise I am more than satisfied to see my Harvel case endorsed by Piquerez. Note the RUSTLESS STEEL etching that was utilized before the term treated steel grabbed hold. More verification of fine craftsmanship of this Piquerez case are the respectable and basically imperceptible U-shape cuts. You can discover eight of them on the actual edge of the screw back case for setting the opening tool.

We actually don’t have any inventory or official pictures from that time demonstrating this Piquerez case is unique to the watch industrial facility however as we think around 3 – 4 Harvel Date-O-Graph pieces with such a case there is no motivation to address it. Later Date-O-Graph models accompanied needle hands, so we can accept the Piquerez case may just come with early models with precious stone like hands.

Harvel against Mido case

Do you need some more proof of why Harvels ought to be on your gatherers’ radar? During my examination, I discovered that the Mido watch industrial facility Company of America, Inc. recorded a body of evidence against Harvel watch industrial facility Company Co. Mido (utilizing Mido Multifort, Multisport or Mido Multi-Centerchrono) questioning Harvel utilizing the Multi-Guard name over the sub-second dial. It was an articulation for Harvel’s assurance against water stun dust and attractive powers. As indicated by an official choice I googled, no “disarray on exchange” was truth be told made. Basically put Harvels’ Multi-Guard name “was not held confusingly comparable” to Mido’s names.

Final approach the Harvel Date-O-Graph

To have the option to get a particularly fascinating watch production line for anything between 700 to 1200 Euros makes it an underestimated jewel. It would be a wrongdoing not to put your hands on it. For the nature of the case, the uniqueness of the dial, schedule plan, and unassuming yet bold brand name, it is an incredible deal.


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