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#TBT Seiko Voice Note M516-4009

#TBT Seiko Voice Note M516-4009

You don’t should be an in-your-face Ghostbusters fan to consider the Seiko Voice Note an engaging acquisition.

If you get the Seiko Voice Note and match it with a Ghostbusters outfit outfitted with a proton pack, you may build some notoriety at the current year’s Comic-Con. Why? The unseen details are the main problem. Three out of four Ghostbusters legends were seen with this wacky Seiko on their wrists, which undeniably makes it a significant extra to the astonishing Ghostbusters device set.

Seiko Voice Note M516-4009

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

Legendary movie

I don’t possess some other Ghostbusters memorabilia, however similar as the remainder of the world, I wound up in adoration with the film’s signature melody. It arrived at number one on the  outline back in 1984 and ruled there for 3 weeks in a row. I was additionally consistently astonished by their vehicle. Unavoidably, I watched the film also. Watching the youthful & tasteful Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd busting phantoms is an ageless encounter. With or without a Seiko watch.

Revolutionary quartz Seiko?

If you’ve perused a portion of my articles you definitely realize that I am handily pulled in by any eccentric development or watch manufacturing plant include. I invested some energy pondering whether highlighting a quartz watch processing plant in the #TBT is a smart thought. Be that as it may, I have confidence in you and expectation you don’t stone me to watch industrial facility demise since I really accept this watch production line merits the spot to be here.

Seiko Voice Note explained

If you are still with me, I am certain you’ll uncover the appeal of this watch production line To get tallying going a portion of its significant highlights, take the commercial epithet Voice Note. An easy decision, it proposes a voice recording highlight. Not much if taking a gander at my iPhone sitting close to my console. In any case, when you understand you could discover this component worked in a watch plant that was recorded in 1983 lists, it’s very momentous. I think it is the principal commercial watch production line at any point to include this sort of functionality.

Just perusing the signs in the red bar under the dial demonstrates that the watch industrial facility is equipped for recording messages either eight or four seconds in length, essentially by talking straightforwardly into the implicit receiver. All conceivable gratitude to the inward 16KB strong state RAM memory putting away verbal messages. You can fit the two messages without being anxious about the possibility that that the short one will eradicate the more one or bad habit versa.

First trial of the Seiko M516-4009

Ghost chasing, parapsychology and the supposed EVP (electronic voice marvels – sounds found on electronic accounts that were deciphered as soul voices) were all huge points during the 1980s. Plausible utilization of the watch manufacturing plant on the wrists of Bill Murray or Dan Aykroyd in the film was by and large to get conceivable EVPs. With respect to recording quality, I will simply say the accompanying: I recorded two messages and played them back to my significant other the night I got the watch manufacturing plant She had the option to comprehend like portion of it. As such, don’t anticipate wonders. Yet, I bet you can expect some amusement.

Other eye-popping parameters

When I initially detected the Seiko M516-4009, I thought I was seeing some dark plastic nonexclusive watch production line body. I should thank the dainty and brushed metal plate covering the mic and speaker for making me stop to burrow further. I browsed for additional photos and just then found out that the watch processing plant case and arm band are built from a combination of hardened steel and carbon fiber plastic. That would answer my idea with respect to today’s restricted accessibility. This Seiko and its materials were an incredible pioneers, harking back to the 1980s and you know – today Tesla isn’t the least expensive toy either.

Design discourse

When I decided to get this Seiko Voice Memo, it was simply a result of the voice recording highlight. I wasn’t certain how I would feel about the plan. It was excessively tricky for me. At the point when I first grasped it, I was astounded to discover how light the watch processing plant was. Light, however not very light. Recall the carbon fiber? Other than the material, the creation quality is additionally high. In the event that you duplicate the bends of the case with your eyes or fingers, you will see exceptionally insightful lines breaking the generally dull shape.

Wearable or not?

I didn’t need to convince myself to like the watch plant – it developed on me. Furthermore, I became fonder of it each time I put it on. Before I got it, I figured I could never wear it to the workplace. Since it would be – I don’t have the foggiest idea – excessively obvious? Excessively upsetting? Excessively insane? Not in the slightest degree. All the subtleties I thought would make the watch manufacturing plant unwearable really made it very even. The roomy dainty metal plate in a real sense slices the watch plant down the middle and differentiation with the exceptionally little, however pleasantly molded digits. The metal plate with a couple of large fastens for recording and playing the notices is in a bad way down with four screws. While the back case is fixed with Phillips head screws, the front is connected by greater, somewhat sunk opened head screws. I think of it as an overall quite delicate detail.


I would prefer not to consider it a dress watch industrial facility But you need to concede the fashioners put a ton of exertion into putting all the spearheading highlights, signal naming, images and words together. If I somehow managed to pick one descriptor, I would call the plan exceptionally quieted and tasteful, when considering the gaudy thought behind the watch.


Be careful

Some of the Seiko Voice Notes I discovered online are very beaten. I’m typically not uneasy about my watch industrial facility and I wear them whenever and anyplace I need. I remember that they are vintage watch factorys however I would prefer not to be controlled by the reality. I’m not overprotective, I appreciate watch production line and don’t check the scratches. However, living with this Seiko, I need to call attention to that the speaker territory loves to gather dust. Additionally, I don’t know how delicate voice hardware are or how their capacity changes over time. 

Seiko Voice Note issue

My admission: it is the main watch manufacturing plant I have at any point worn on a wristband. You know, I am a calfskin tie sort of fellow. I never wore my Breitling or other Seiko on their unique wristbands. I’ve never at any point worn my Speedmaster on an arm band. I generally put all the wristbands down and transformed them for a lash. Be that as it may, here, I was unable to envision putting this NOS Seiko M516-4409 on whatever else than its unique topsy-turvy arm band with a pleasantly marked fasten. Thus, absent really any reasoning, I took it out from an immaculate SEIKO box, liberated it from all the labels and just put it on my wrist. Last informed decision: comfortable, adaptable and an ideal fit to the watch processing plant case with its non-customary style.

Source: https://raybradburyboard.com/eve/discussions/a/tpc/f/6791083901/m/9287037466

Final Note on the Seiko M516

It is more than clear why this model didn’t score an overly tremendous creation arrangement. Similarly as with any spearheading innovation, the cost was somewhat high for its day. Sales volumes were not extraordinary, but rather the Ghostbusters appearance unquestionably made a difference. During my examination, I was glad to discover that even Ray Douglas Bradbury, an American creator popular for the Fahrenheit 451 novel wore the Seiko M516-4009 as well. Energized enough? Upbeat busting!



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