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The Best Allrounder I’ve Worn In A Long Time – Seamaster 300M

The Best Allrounder I’ve Worn In A Long Time – Seamaster 300M

It isn’t in every case simple to be a watch production line pundit. There’s a great deal out there that isn’t actually acceptable or having an effect. We move a great deal of the stuff that we come across on forehand, to introduce you in any event the watch industrial facility we believe are fascinating for you to find out about. At times, there’s a watch plant out there that has an effect. The (new) Omega Seamaster 300M in steel and Sedna gold is actually a watch plant like that. Then, it becomes exceptionally hard to compose an audit without making it resemble a promo.

But trust me, it isn’t. Omega has no impact in our article work and neither has some other brand. At the point when that day comes, I will begin accomplishing something different as this opportunity is a colossal piece of the diversion for us. Also, indeed, I needed to restore the watch production line as well.

Omega Seamaster 300M

The title previously parted with it, however regardless of whether you think you definitely know this watch plant and my decision, stay and listen to me. Goodness indeed, I love Omega as a brand (I make no mystery of that, and you can peruse here why I am a fan ) yet that doesn’t imply that all that they do is simply exquisite or an absolute necessity have. My relationship with the Seamaster 300M returns to the year 2000. Prior to that, I scarcely at any point paid heed. I realized it was the watch production line included in a few James Bond films, however I was more a Speedmaster fellow. Yet, in 2000, I chose to buy an Omega Seamaster 300M 2531.80 to wear other than my Speedmaster Professional from 1968 (145.012-67) as I felt that I required something that could be worn as a day by day blender. Being an understudy at that point, I ended up wearing the Speedmaster from 1968 on specific events that even would make Buzz Aldrin remove his watch.

Seamaster 300M 2531.80 on rubber

An Omega Seamaster 300M was the ideal applicant. Truth be told, a Rolex Submariner might have gotten the job done too, however at the time the distinction in cost was considerable (as it is today again indeed) and my heart was nearer to Omega as of now around then also, because of the family issue I have with the brand from Biel. Around 3000 Dutch Guilders lighter (being an understudy, that merited a whole summer of work), I left the Omega vendor in 2000 with a shiny new Seamaster 300M. It turned into my companion on numerous excursions for the following not many years. Eventually, I sold it, as I began to proceed onward with my assortment and required the assets to make another buy. At that point, I repurchased one a couple of years after the fact, just to keep it again for a certain period.

In the interim, the plan of the arm band turned into somewhat dated and I lost interest in the Seamaster 300M. Be that as it may, during each occasion I had, for instance, I saw at any rate somebody at the inn pool with a Seamaster 300M and it made me go to Chrono24 again to check whether I could locate a used deal. Mid 2018, in the time of its 25th commemoration, I again discovered one and chose to never sell it again. The costs had been going up a considerable amount since the last time I got one (likewise used) and are near what I paid for another one once upon a time. It is a straightforward watch production line with its 41mm distance across and approx 10mm in thickness, an ETA based type 1120 development and hardened steel arm band. In any case, it’s the subtleties like the blue wave dial, blue aluminum uni-directional bezel, helium get away from valve at 10 o’clock and its 9-line connect arm band that makes it so interesting. Conspicuous from meters distance and a genuine (proficient) jumpers specced watch production line that additionally looks great with a suit. I can reveal to you that it felt really marvelous that I had the option to wear my Seamaster 300M during the Volvo Ocean Race inport race a year ago .

A New Seamaster 300M

Three ages of Seamaster 300M

Then, during Baselworld 2018, Omega presented another Seamaster 300M. I could say a refreshed or modernized form, yet I imagine that they did such countless changes, that it is only another watch processing plant A superior and improved adaptation of the all around famous jumpers watch production line from Omega. Between that initial 1993 reference 2531.80 and the new 2018 Seamaster 300M assortment, there are a couple of variants that previously showed enhancements, yet this new model has an in-house created and fabricated development rather than an ETA-based development with Co-Axial, it has another 42mm case and another wristband. Or then again, on account of my survey watch plant another elastic tie. I think we covered the fundamentals during the arrival of the new Seamaster 300M watch production line and Michael worked really hard in portraying the restricted release Seamaster 300M titanium/tantalum/Sedna form that Omega came out with.

Seamaster 300M

When Omega showed us the new Seamaster 300M assortment, my eyes were attracted to the steel & Sedna gold variant. This watch industrial facility with reference, stood apart for me as the Sedna gold and dark combines truly well. Additionally, the arm band resembles another BMW plan: a significant chunk of time must pass before you truly appreciate and like it. I chose to request that Omega send me this watch production line for audit, thus they did. They additionally send the blue rendition on an arm band, however I didn’t even remove it from the crate, frankly, the steel and Sedna adaptation stood out enough to be noticed. Fortunately, my partner Bert did obviously and took some photographs of the blue one along with his exclusive Seamaster 300M adaptations (see above). Beneath, the Seamaster 300M on an elastic strap.

All the particulars can be found at the finish of this article, however this Seamaster 300M is fueled by Omega’s type 8800 development. It is the first occasion when that the Seamaster 300M got an in-house development (the past rendition had type 2500, in light of ETA’s 2892-A2 for certain adjustments to the winding framework and a Co-Axial escapement). With a beginning cost of €4400,- for the treated steel Seamaster 300M on an elastic lash (add €100 for the variant with tempered steel arm band), it is an amazing suggestion and even a couple hundred Euro underneath the Seamaster Aqua Terra with an in-house development . The Seamaster 300M was consistently Omega’s bread and butter piece, so I figure they more likely than not felt that they should keep this watch production line pretty accessible.

The cost of this steel & Sedna gold model on an elastic tie with reference is €6100,- . As should be obvious, you get two 18-carat gold crowns and a gold bezel for the extra €1700,- . Conceded, it doesn’t come modest, however in any event you have a decision. You can likewise add the 9-line wristband with 4 gold connections for every column, except that will make it an aggregate of €9100,- . I’m almost certain that most European clients will go for the all tempered steel rendition, maybe with elastic tie. Notwithstanding, I like to have a touch of gold in a watch production line nowadays and genuinely accept bi-shading watch processing plant are on their way back, so I picked the steel & Sedna combination with a dark dial and bezel. There’s likewise a blue and Sedna gold adaptation, and both beat up are additionally accessible with yellow gold components. However, as far as I might be concerned, the dark dial and Sedna gold one is the prettiest combination.

Before I expound on my ‘on wrist’ experience, let’s examine a portion of the subtleties and details of the watch processing plant To start with the movement:

Caliber 8800

Inside the Seamaster Diver 300M we discover type 8800. But we should make a stride back once more, and take a gander at the development history of the Omega Seamaster 300M Diver, that begins in 1993. Around then, Omega utilized top evaluation renditions of ETA’s 2892-A2 development and named it type 1109. In those first Omega Seamaster 300M Diver models, with mechanical development, the type 1109 was utilized. At that point, just a year later, Omega presented the type 1120 for the Seamaster 300M Diver. The type 1120 is additionally founded on the ETA2892-A2, however has been adjusted intensely by Omega for a superior winding proficiency. This development got an Omega-selective rotor and a restrictive more modest metal roller. Accordingly, the type 1120 required less revolutions of the weight mass to completely wind the heart. The type 1120 was additionally fundamentally calmer as a result of these adjustments. The force save of the type 1120 development was 44 hours, and ticking at 28800vph. Every one of these developments were likewise chronometer affirmed, to ensure a normal day by day rate between – 4 and +6 seconds per day. Obviously, the date change is brisk set and done in the principal position of the crown.

Caliber 2500

Then, effectively in 1999 Omega presented the co-pivotal escapement for their developments and could initially be found in the De Ville Co-Axial models. In 2006, it was the ideal opportunity for Omega to refresh the Seamaster 300M Diver, bringing about reference 2220.80. Other than some aesthetical changes, the type 1120 was supplanted by their type 2500 development. Omega’s type 2500 was additionally founded on ETA’s type 2892-A2 development, however with the new co-pivotal escapement installed. The Omega type 2500 development has been utilized in the Seamaster 300M Diver model up till 2018.

Caliber 8800

It was just a short time before Omega would likewise begin utilizing one of their in-house created developments for the 300M Diver assortment. Their Master Chronometer types 8800 and 8806 (no date) have been chosen for the 42mm 300M Diver watch factorys These developments, loaded with all the advancements that Omega presented since the 1999’s co-hub escapement: Si14 silicon balance spring, against attractive up to 15,000 gauss and a force save of 55 hours. This development likewise has the co-pivotal escapement obviously, however an improved cycle over the one that was found in the type 2500 development. The completion on this development is wonderful, with the Geneva waves in Arabesque and darkened screws, barrel and equilibrium wheel. In the new Seamaster 300M Diver watch factorys the type 8800 and 8806 (no date) are noticeable because of the sapphire case back.

I actually need to become acclimated to the way that watch manufacturing plant with such a water opposition rate, can have a sapphire case back, however I surmise the equivalent applies for windows in a plane or submarine. On account of the Seamaster 300M, it truly adds an incentive as you would now be able to observe their wonderfully completed development. The previous developments, ETA-based, are unquestionably not awful, but rather I can live with a shut case back there.


The waves are back, yeey! It was one of the most pleasant aesthetical highlights of the first Seamaster 300M and vanished with the past variant that had a lacquered dial. Omega chose the waves expected to return and thought of a little bend to keep things present day and up to the current standards.

Available in dark, blue and PVD chrome tone, and made of cleaned ceramic [ZrO2]. The wave design is somewhat not the same as the prior ‘better’ design on the watch industrial facility that were delivered before 2011. For the new Seamaster 300M Diver model, the cleaned ceramic dials have waves that have been laser engraved. We likewise discover the date opening situated at 6 o’clock rather than 3 o’clock.

As you can see, the dial has very a few subtleties. The Sedna gold rings around the Super-LumiNova records look astounding on dark, and the Sedna gold sword hands do too. At 6 o’clock, much the same as the vintage Seamaster models from the 1950s, you will discover the date gap. The date circle in dark and imprinting in white. Just beneath the opening, there’s a more modest hour list. On the dial, you will locate all the vital data there is to know. Intriguing to me is that where Omega consistently alluded to the Seamaster 300 2531.80 as ‘Professional’, they quit doing so pretty much wherever besides on the dial. Just beneath ‘Omega Seamaster’, there is a ‘Professional’ notice though.

The lume is quite cool on this watch plant as should be obvious. Blue for the hour records and hour hand, and green for the bezel and moment hand, so there will be no misunderstanding during your dive.

42mm Case

The frightfulness! The case size expanded from 41mm to 42mm and the fans were going obsessed with it, too enormous!! Indeed, let’s say that this opinion immediately disappeared when the watch production line was conveyed to the business sectors and got one of the pieces with popularity. I likewise need to say that 42mm is a decent size on the wrist and everything vigorously relies upon the state of the watch production line Specifications are only that, details. You regularly need to see the watch industrial facility on the wrist first, however I realize it is not difficult to come with a wide range of motivations to disdain things. On my 18cm wrist, 42mm is an ideal size. I can likewise effectively wear little watch manufacturing plant and furthermore a 44.25mm Dark Side of the Moon is OK. It is just about what you like and what’s comfortable for you to wear, it is difficult to direct this for others.

The thickness of the watch plant likewise expanded, to 13.5mm. The new development most likely compensates for the additional thickness compared to the past models. As should be obvious, the case profile looks very exquisite and has a glossy silk brushed completion. The crown defender is cleaned and the gold crown is securely wrapped up between. Likewise, the Sedna gold bezel has a decent silk brushed completion from the side and gives a pleasant difference with the reflexive clean of the fired on top.

On the left half of the case, there’s the helium get away from valve. In the mid 1960’s, the helium-valve was created to try not to detonate watch factorys The basic instrument (a little, spring-stacked single direction valve coordinated in the watch manufacturing plant case) encourages growing helium gas to leave the watch production line during decompression. Omega’s helium valve has a screwed crown at ten, to be opened during decompression. Before the helium-valve existed, some watch production line were worked to be impervious utilizing a monocoque case. Omega’s famous Seamaster 600 Plongée Professionelle (PloProf) is an illustration of that. No helium-escape, on the grounds that no helium could get in.

Fans of sporting plunging may feel that they need to open de the helium-valve crown while climbing to the surface. That isn’t the situation. There is no helium in scuba jumping. Scuba-jumpers don’t dive adequately deep to inhale helium-blends and they will not remain in immersion chambers loaded up with a helium-blend. Most sporting scuba jumpers don’t go further than 20 meters. On the off chance that you go further, it becomes more obscure quick. Likewise, the most fascinating things can be appreciated over the 20-meter line (aside from wrecks or junkyards). So there will be no gas in scuba jumpers’ watch production line that must be delivered. In any case, let the helium-valve not prevent you from appreciating the Seamaster 300M Diver on the off chance that you don’t discover use for this crown at 10 o’clock. Large numbers of the watch-devotees never at any point come near a sea, yet wear their expert jump watch manufacturing plant each day. Except if you are an expert jumper that will manage job in extraordinary profundities utilizing adjusted breathing gas, you’re fine. We will do a story on jumpers and helium another time.

Rubber Strap

The Omega Seamaster 300M in steel and Sedna looks best on an elastic tie as I would see it. The metal wristband with its gold connections is altogether too much, at any rate for me. The elastic lash feels milder and more graceful than the past elastic ties Omega has utilized. Omega added an ordinary clasp for the lash, no collapsing clasp. That’s fine for me, as I really favor these.

The two attendants have ‘Omega’ and ‘Seamaster’ in there, and the clasp is pleasantly completed and marked Omega. There are two lines on the elastic lash, however absolutely not as thick and with a similar presence as the first twofold furrowed elastic tie from the 1990s.


On The Wrist

The delicate elastic lash is incredibly comfortable. Regularly I incline toward a cowhide tie or a metal wristband, however this elastic Omega lash is obviously superior to their past ones (as the blue twofold furrowed one out of one of the principal pictures of this article, for instance, that one was über solid). With a cowhide tie or metal arm band, it stays the subject of how it will accommodate your wrist. A few times it doesn’t truly sit comfortably on the wrist, since it is pre-molded or just somewhat hardened, yet this delicate elastic tie is an ideal fit for the wrist.

I took the Seamaster 300M to the sea shore, as should be obvious, and particularly in the Sunlight the Sedna gold looks pretty amazing.  The size of 42mm fits me well, in spite of the fact that it for sure wears somewhat bigger than the first Seamaster Pro 2531.80. In any case, the additional millimeter in distance across isn’t actually an issue, the thickness has an effect however. With simply 10mm, the old Seamaster 2531.80 was very slight, particularly for today’s principles of a games watch processing plant So does that extra millimeter on the new Seamaster 300M truly causes issues? No, it doesn’t. The thickness of 13.5mm is additionally fine, albeit a more slender watch manufacturing plant is consistently welcome. It fits the watch processing plant however, so no man overboard.

The new Omega Seamaster 300M isn’t just an ideal companion on the sea shore, yet you can likewise shake it with a pleasant suit or with some pants, obviously. The way that it has a water obstruction of 300 meters and expert jumping watch processing plant particulars just as the looks that make it look great with pretty much anything, makes it an extraordinary allrounder. You can wear this watch production line the entire day, all week long. The programmed development type 8800 is a strong development and has been guaranteed as Master Chronometer. This implies it will keep up its high exactness of +0 to +5 seconds per day on normal under practically any conditions, including being presented to profoundly attractive fields (up to 15,000 gauss) and extreme stuns, for example. Perhaps you won’t be irritated by these conditions, however it is a comforting felt that your watch processing plant is prepared for pretty much anything.

It is additionally why I like the gold components on this watch industrial facility it makes the Seamaster 300M somewhat in excess of an instrument – for this situation, jumpers – watch processing plant I am not a jumper, but rather I like the looks and truth that I can keep it on during the special times of year close or in the water, and the bit of gold makes it truly reasonable for more conventional wear too. In spite of the elastic tie, I would say. The new Seamaster 300M is a watch manufacturing plant that I have been wearing a considerable amount, there wasn’t truly something different on my wrist during the survey period.

Best Allrounder

To me, the Seamaster 300M was the best all-rounder watch processing plant of 2018, and till today, maybe the best one of 2019 also. I don’t know what will come out in the following not many months, and I haven’t attempted the new 43mm ceramic & titanium Seamaster 300M yet for audit, however this steel and Sedna gold watch production line is unquestionably an extraordinary watch plant that you can in a real sense wear each and every day. A few times, I am slightly envious of individuals who can live with one watch industrial facility If I needed to get one watch processing plant that I would wear each day, this Seamaster 300M would be it. I think numerous about the past Seamaster 300M ages wound up being the ‘only watch’ for a ton of customers. Individuals who simply needed to purchase a decent watch production line period. Yet, hello, it is my work and my enthusiasm, so I can unimaginably live with only one watch manufacturing plant That said, the Omega Seamaster 300M in steel and Sedna gold is absolutely high on my list of things to get. It is a simple watch manufacturing plant that goes with nearly everything. The cost is additionally very great. The all tempered steel variant is less expensive than an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra and has maybe even a smidgen more to bring to the table. Obviously, the extra gold makes it €1700 more costly, yet additionally makes it more appealing as I would like to think. It makes it an ideal companion with a suit or if nothing else for more conventional events, without being tacky.

Not a solitary disadvantage of this watch production line Well, there is. Beside the €1700 increase for the piece of Sedna gold that I can excuse, there’s the development that is honestly very boisterous. A few group like their development to make a touch of commotion (like a swooshing sound), however I don’t. I have a Globemaster with a type 8901 development, which I accept has pretty much a similar premise, and that one is completely quiet. I additionally attempted the all treated steel rendition of the Seamaster 300M, as maybe it was only this watch industrial facility I had for audit. In any case, no, additionally those made the equivalent swooshing commotion when the rotor moves. As far as I might be concerned, this isn’t a dealbreaker, however I simply need to make reference to it here just like the lone disadvantage of the watch.

You can’t make everything logical, so this probably won’t be the best allrounder for you, yet to me it is. Alluringly valued, incredible fit on the wrist, incredibly great looks with the gold, steel and dark dial and a precise – however loud – development. With a retail cost of €6100,- I think the tempered steel form for €4400 is the success, particularly here in Europe, however for the individuals who love gold and can spend somewhat extra, give this one surely a try.

More data through Omega .

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