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The Definitive Guide For Rolex Bezels

The Definitive Guide For Rolex Bezels

The bezel is the metallic or earthenware ring that encompasses the essence of the watch on the outside of its case. Because of its general size and noticeable arrangement, the bezel affects the general plan and usefulness of a watch. The following is an outline of the various kinds of bezels that are fitted to Rolex’s different watches.

Fluted Bezels

The fluted bezel is perhaps the most work of art and notable Rolex plan components, in any event, advancing toward the divider mounted checks situated in shopping centers and air terminals around the globe. At first, the fluting on Rolex bezels had the capacity of empowering the bezel to be in a bad way down onto the center instance of the watch to help guarantee waterproofness; be that as it may, today the fluting on Rolex bezels is simply elaborate. Fluted Rolex bezels are solely make from strong gold and fill in as a characteristic of differentiation among Rolex’s different watches.

Smooth Bezel

The smooth bezel is Rolex’s most conventional bezel plan, and is create from treated steel, gold (yellow, white, or rose), or platinum. Contingent upon the particular watch and year of creation, smooth bezels can go from level to domed. Albeit the smooth bezel isn’t a plan interesting to Rolex, it is effectively the most downplayed, adaptable, and immortal among all the distinctive Rolex bezel styles, and is the default choice for Rolex’s entrance level watches.


The various bezels fitted on Rolex’s different game/proficient lines of watches all have a place with the bigger, “proficient” classification of bezels. In contrast to a conventional bezel, whose center capacity (past holding the gem onto the watch) is to add a plan component and look great, proficient bezels have markings on them to help with the particular, extra capacity of the game/proficient watch. Proficient bezels fall into three general classes.

Rotating Timing Bezel

Rotating timing bezels are most commonly set apart with an hour long scale, and are utilized related to the moment hand to time occasions as long as one hour long. A pivoting timing bezel can either be unidirectional (like on the Submariner or Sea-Dweller) or bidirectional in their movement (like on the Yacht-Master or Turn-O-Graph), and are fabricated from a wide range of materials.

24-Hour Bezel

As its name proposes, a 24-hour bezel is set apart with a 24-hour scale, and can either be pivoting – like on the GMT-Master and GMT-Master II lines of watches – or fixed, similar to they are on the Explorer II. Utilized related to a 24-hour hand, a pivoting 24-hour bezel can be utilized to reference an optional time region, while a fixed 24-hour bezel can be utilized as a noticeable AM/PM pointer.


Tachymeters are fitted to watches with chronograph works, and can be utilized for estimating speed dependent on movement time, and furthermore for computing distance dependent on a given speed. Set apart with a tachymetric scale, and solely fitted to Rolex’s Daytona like of chronograph watches, Rolex’s tachymeter bezel has been made in hardened steel, acrylic, gold, and Cerachrom (fired).

Ring Command

With the appearance of their progressive Ring Command bezel, Rolex made an immediate connection between the external bezel of the watch and the perplexing development inside. Generally, turning bezels have worked totally freely from the developments that dwelled inside the instance of the watch; anyway Rolex’s Ring Command bezel has changed this, and blended the two into a solitary piece of incorporated mechanical designing. Accessible as either a fluted bezel on the Sky-Dweller, or as a Professional bezel on the Yacht-Master II, the Ring Command Bezel addresses the zenith of Rolex bezel usefulness.


Gem-set bezels are the valuable pearl encrusted bezels that are saved for Rolex’s generally selective and sumptuous watches. In spite of the fact that they are commonly fitted with jewels, Rolex’s diamond set bezel has additionally been made with other valuable stones, for example, the rainbow-hued sapphires that decorate the most recent interpretation of the pearl set Rolex Daytona in Everose pink gold. Deliberately chose and set for ideal magnificence, shading, and shimmer, pearl set bezels address the summit of extravagance and exactness.

Engine Turned (not right now underway)

Although they are not right now a contribution in Rolex’s present-day list, motor turned bezels address a truly famous option in contrast to Rolex’s fluted and smooth bezels. Made in various inconspicuous plan varieties and metal alternatives consistently, motor turned bezels have consistently been the ideal choice for those that didn’t need a fluted bezel, yet still wanted a more resplendent tasteful than Rolex’s smooth bezel would accommodate their watches.

Textured – incorporates Bark, Linen, Pyramid, Florentine, and so on (not as of now underway)

Textured bezels are the to some degree random classification of fixed bezels that incorporates a generally huge number of atypical plans that were most regularly utilized on Day-Date watches and valuable metal variations of the Datejust. Most commonly create from gold, finished bezels regularly have their surfaces reflected on the wristbands of their accompanying watches, and most habitually show up on restricted, fancy emphasess, or those that were fabricated as an uncommon request.

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