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The NBA All-Star Rolex Watch Lovers

The NBA All-Star Rolex Watch Lovers

The 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend wrapped up a weekend ago in Los Angeles where Team LeBron James struggled it out with Team Stephen Curry for a decent purpose. Group LeBron ended up as the winner with a last score of 148 – 145 and King James was casted a ballot All-Star Game MVP once more—the third of his profession. Here, we will go over the NBA All-Star Rolex watches that can be found on the best players of the game today.

Along with b-ball, ritzy diversion, and a stunning list if people to attend of VIPs, there was a great presentation of high design and extravagance watches off the court as well. NBA players are known to be the absolute best-dressed competitors in games today and usually high style is frequently accompanied by numerous marvelous Rolex watches. We should investigate what Rolex watches the current year’s All-Star players have in their collections.

Lebron James has been seen wearing a gold Day-Date with a dark dial. (Credit: VersitileGent)

The Rolex Watches of the All-Star Captains

Yes, LeBron James is a diplomat for Audemars Piguet and was seen wearing AP watches during the All-Star Weekend, yet he actually has a lot of Rolex watches to go around. We’ve spotted him wearing a yellow gold Day-Date II with a dark dial, a yellow gold Sky-Dweller, a yellow gold Sky-Dweller, and most as of late, an Everose gold Day-Date 40 with a green commemoration dial.

On the other hand, restricting skipper, Stephen Curry is by all accounts a one-Rolex kinda fellow, obediently brandishing his mega Rolex Deepsea jumper’s watch.

Opposing chief, Stephen Curry, selects the Rolex DeepSea Sea-Dweller. (Credit: NBA)

The Rolex Watches of the All-Star Players

John Wall

John Wall, point monitor for the Washington Wizards and part of Team LeBron for the All-Stars, truly adores Rolex watches, indeed, for Christmas, he skilled every one of his partners a Rolex Day-Date President watch ! While Wall couldn’t play because of wounds, he was on hand at the All-Star weekend exercises and gatherings—shaking his Rolex President, naturally.

James Harden is another NBA All-Star with a Rolex. Here he is seen with the Sky-Dweller. (Credit: thehypemagazine.com)

James Harden

Member of Team Stephen, Houston Rocket’s James Harden makes nearly however many features for his style decisions as he accomplishes for his scoring capacities. An indispensable piece of his closet is his watch assortment, which incorporates an Everose gold Sky-Dweller and an Everose gold Day-Date II. However, at the most blazing gathering of the end of the week—the Stance and Dwyane Wade’s fourth yearly Spades Tournament—Harden wore his white gold Rolex President watch.

Russell Westbrook is another NBA All-Star with a Rolex President with diamonds. (Credit: Ellen DeGeneres)

Russell Westbrook

Another NBA character celebrated for his style is Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook, playing for Team LeBron this year. Westbrook regularly matches his head-turning outfits with a yellow gold Day-Date with a dark dial and jewel bezel, which we spotted during his most recent meeting with Ellen.

Kevin Durant

Although Kevin Durant typically plays with Stephan Curry for the Golden State Warriors, he played for Team LeBron for the 2018 All-Star Game. Unimaginable ball abilities aside, we, obviously, can’t resist the urge to see what he wears on his wrist while he’s not playing. And that would in all honesty the tempered steel Rolex Daytona with a dark ceramic bezel — the current lord of chronographs.

Fans were glad to see the arrival of genuine ball at the current year’s version of the NBA All-Star game and as watch devotees, we were glad to see all the awesome Rolex watches in plain view too.

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