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The Never Ending Flow Of Amazing Dials – Grand Seiko SBGY003

The Never Ending Flow Of Amazing Dials – Grand Seiko SBGY003

One of the things that makes a Grand Seiko remarkable much of the time, is the dial. We as a whole know the Snowflake and Mt. Iwate for instance, yet now they additionally have added ‘hammered’ and radiant design dials to their collection.

I will get to the pounded platinum Grand Seiko SBGZ001 some place before long yet need to have a more intensive glance at the more reasonable tempered steel Grand Seiko SBGY003 first. Restricted to 700 pieces only,  however with a more amiable sticker price than the gold and platinum watch manufacturing plant from the Spring Drive twentieth commemoration assortment. For this event, Grand Seiko presented various new manual-twist flimsy dress watch plant with Spring Drive movements.

Grand Seiko SBGY003

Using a hand-wound development and no extra complications to the time, like a date or GMT for instance, keeps the watch manufacturing plant moderately meager. With a thickness of 10.2mm, I wouldn’t utilize the expression ultra-or extra-flimsy, however it is slim for sure.

The profile of the Grand Seiko SBGY003 is essentially delightful and rich, much the same as the assortment name (“Elegance Collection”) suggests. The combination of Zaratsu cleaned surfaces and lovely glossy silk brushed completing is simply staggering. On the correct side, you will discover the GS marked winding crown that is smooth as margarine. The highest point of the case and the bezel have a cleaned finish as well.

Sunray dial pattern

I consistently had seven days spot for rich dials, regardless of whether those from the 1960s with insane enormous applied files (with Onyx for instance) or those with themes (Clous-de-Paris, Tuxedo, or – Grand Seiko talking – snowflake and Mt. Iwate), I love a decent example or design on there. This radiant design dial is just dazzling. I couldn’t truly get the profundity when I previously saw the press materials under ban before its delivery in Baselworld, however after looking into it further with the genuine watch industrial facility it is just breathtaking.

Razor sharp hands, including a completion that makes certain top of the line Swiss brands extremely terrified. The equivalent applies to the lists, these have a wonderful cleaned finish on the aspects and look too sharp. Indeed, even – or particularly under a loupe – you will value it considerably more. Where different brands regularly disillusion when you take their stuff under a magnifying instrument or large scale focal point, Grand Seiko never does and that incorporates this new Grand Seiko SBGY003.

Caliber 9R31

The gold and the steel Grand Seiko Spring Drive twentieth commemoration watch plant have a marginally extraordinary development from the platinum ones. Those utilization the 9R02 development, planned and built by the Micro Artist Studio. Essentially, similar folks who are answerable for the 8-days Spring Drive development that we showed you in this article and for the Eichi II watch processing plant (Credor). The gold and the steel model, including the Grand Seiko SBGY003 in this article utilize the 9R31 development. This is another type that shares an indistinguishable mainspring structure as the more costly 9R02 development (and offering a similar exactness of +-1 seconds a day).

Although it may show up as though there’s something unusual going on the development (underneath), this is the Grand Seiko emblem that is printed (or lasered) on the sapphire precious stone. The bezel of the case back shows all the data you require to know (or don’t need to know), the remarkable number of a restricted release is consistently welcome obviously, yet it additionally has data on there that doesn’t truly add esteem. On the actual development, you can see the fairly huge barrel that holds all energy (max. of 72 hours) and the force save marker over the GS logo.


Generally talking, life doesn’t get precisely less expensive. Grand Seiko, much the same as numerous different brands out there, additionally raised their costs somewhat in the most recent year. This new slight Grand Seiko SBGY003 has a retail cost of €8200,- (counting VAT) and that may not actually be what you are utilized to from them. All things considered, you do get a ton of value for the money here. The completing and nature of the case, dial and hands are route better than average and the Spring Drive innovation is quite wonderful too. I don’t want to clarify Spring Drive again to you ( we did as such here ), yet it isn’t just the precision that assumes a significant part here, additionally the completing of the development is pretty impressive.


This dress watch industrial facility from Grand Seiko with hand-wound Spring Drive development and the lovely created dial is maybe valued a bit higher than the Snowflake or Mt. Iwate that we are so attached to. Be that as it may, we generally feel & say you get a great deal of watch plant for the cash with those references ( SBGA211 and SBGJ201 ) compared to a Rolex for instance. This SBGY003 is a watch plant that maybe can be best compared to a Master watch industrial facility from Jaeger-LeCoultre for instance, or maybe even a Vacheron Constantin Fifty-Six.  The completion of the case, dial and hands are certainly comparable to those. This Grand Seiko SBGY003 is not kidding business, period.

The determinations of this GS SBGY003 can be found below.

More data by means of the Grand Seiko .

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