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The Perfect Red, White, and Blue Rolex for July Fourth

The Perfect Red, White, and Blue Rolex for July Fourth

With summer authoritatively going all out, a vacation that we as a whole anticipate here at Bob’s is Fourth of July! Notwithstanding the firecrackers, marches, and gatherings, it’s additionally an extraordinary day to flaunt some red, white, and blue. While we love a banner shirt however much the following person, we have a surprisingly better approach to wear the energetic shades: the Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi .

Celebrate the fourth by showing your shadings on your watch!

When the Rolex GMT-Master made its introduction in 1955, it donned the famous red and blue bezel that is currently so firmly connected with the assortment. Similarly as with most things Rolex, this specific bezel got its own moniker—the Pepsi—since it had a similar red, white, and blue shades of the soft drink logo. Since its commencement, there have been a few GMT-Master Pepsi models.

So, regardless of whether you choose vintage or current, GMT-Master I or II, steel or gold, it must be a “Pepsi” for Independence Day. So how about we investigate our choices.

GMT-Master I or GMT-Master II?

While the debut GMT-Master came furnished with the red and blue “Pepsi” bi-shading bezel, future models were additionally accessible with other bezel tones. Notwithstanding, since we’re searching for the Pepsi form, the alternatives are as follows.

Firstly, there’s the GMT-Master ref. 6254, which is, obviously, the absolute first reference. On early models, its Pepsi bezel was really produced using Bakelite, yet because of its delicacy, it was immediately supplanted with aluminum. Furthermore, another red, white, and blue bezel can be found on the renowned GMT-Master ref. 1675. With a creation run of more than 20 years, there are a lot of GMT-Master ref. 1675 Pepsi models to browse. One more Pepsi GMT-Master is the ref. 16750 , which offers the quickset capacity. Lastly, the last GMT-Master is the ref. 16700 with sapphire crystal.

Do you like to wear Vintage or Modern GMT-Master watches on this exceptional day?

In expansion to the GMT-Master models, there are two GMT-Master II Pepsi models. There’s the steel GMT-Master II ref. 16710 and the white gold GMT-Master ref. 116719.

What’s the contrast between the GMT-Master and GMT-Master II you inquire? There are a few, however the principle one is the way the pair of hour hands work. On the GMT-Master II, the primary hour hand and the 24-hour hand can be set freely from one another. This implies that while the GMT-Master can just demonstrate double cross zones (by utilizing the bezel), the GMT-Master II can show three time regions (home time, nearby time, and a third zone utilizing the bezel).

It’s important that beside the digits part of the reference numbers, there are in some cases letters as well. In the event that the reference number incorporates “BLRO” (for instance ref. 116719BLRO) it implies it comes with blue and red bezel since “BL” is for “Bleu” (French for blue) and “RO” is for “Rouge” (French for red).

Vintage or Modern GMT-Master?

Right off the bat, you most likely definitely realize that there’s no current steel adaptation of the Pepsi GMT-Master II. There’s just a white gold form, which we’ll really expound underneath. In this way, for a tempered steel GMT-Master with a red and blue bezel, it must be from a suspended reference number. There are the vintage models—which must be over 30 years of age to qualify as vintage—notwithstanding more present day ones.

So on the off chance that we investigate creation dates, here a fast cheat sheet on vintage versus ended versus current GMT-Master Pepsi models.

Model Production Dates Classification
GMT-Master ref. 6542 1954-1959 Vintage
GMT-Master ref. 1675 1959-1980 Vintage
GMT-Master ref. 16750 1981-1988 Vintage
GMT-Master ref. 16700 1988-1999 Discontinued
GMT-Master II ref. 16710 1989-2007 Discontinued
GMT-Master II ref. 116719 2014 – present Current

Finally, Rolex gave us the watch we were sitting tight for…

Speak to a Rolex GMT-Master fan, and they’ll presumably disclose to you that the new Rolex GMT-Master II with a blue and red Cerachrom bezel in stainless steel was quite possibly the most welcomed watches uncovered at Baselworld 2018. That’s on the grounds that as of not long ago, the lone choice for an artistic blue and red bezel was on the 18k white gold GMT-Master II ref. 116719. Furthermore, with a retail cost of near $40,000, it was positively too far for most. With the arrival of the new GMT-Master II 126710 BLRO, the cost dropped extensively, making it a more moderate other option (in the event that you can overcome the holding up rundown). Add that to the current hardened steel GMT-Master II ref. 116710 with an artistic bezel, remembering the choices to have your bezel for all dark, blue and dark, earthy colored and dark, or red and blue, and you have a plenty of astounding GMTs to pick from.

The GMT Master II in stailess steel was uncovered at Baselworld 2018

And the writing is on the wall. For a red, white, and blue Rolex, the decision of GMT-Master Pepsi models is a shifted one. From everybody here at Bob’s Watches, we’d prefer to wish you and your family an upbeat and safe Fourth of July!

Which Rolex Pepsi is your top choice? Tell us in the comment area below.

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