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The Rarest Submariner of Them All: Submariner 6536

The Rarest Submariner of Them All: Submariner 6536

The early long stretches of the world’s most famous plunge watch were genuinely violent, with a few references delivered and afterward immediately resigned for those with recently refreshed features.   This leaves us with various Submariner models created in minimal more than the small bunch, which have made them become gigantically attractive and pursued by collectors.  The Submariner 6536 is one such model. Not to be mistaken for the ref. 6536/1, it was delivered in 1955 and made for only one year, and it is assessed that just around 100 pieces at any point came around. Viewed as a momentary model, it followed on from the ref. 6204 and was given at around a similar time as the ref. 6538, the huge crown form that shot to acclaim on the wrist of Sean Connery in Dr. No. 

The Submariner 6536 is an uncommonly uncommon watch.

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Let’s make a plunge directly into this uncommon vintage Rolex Submariner.

Elements of the Submariner 6536

The Crown

Like all Submariners up to the principal appearance of the ref. 5512 out of 1959, the ref. 6536 has an unprotected crown, in that it has no gatekeepers incorporated into the case.

The winding crown itself is the 6mm variant, rather than the 8mm crown on the ‘James Bond’ reference 6538. It is this element that gives the later watch a 200m profundity rating to the 6536’s 100m.

Besides the distinction in crown size and water opposition, the two models are practically indistinguishable. Indeed, the case backs of the most punctual models of the ref. 6536 are really stepped ‘6538’, scratched through and afterward the right number engraved under.

The Submariner 6536 encouraged produce the path to the cutting edge Submariner.

The Dial

The principal wave of the two models were delivered with a similar dial which, bizarrely, did exclude the name ‘Submariner’ or the profundity rating on it anyplace. A minuscule number of 6536 editions, assessed at close to 10 models, later accompanied the most extreme profundity written in red; and in the event that you come across one, snatch it!

even fewer, as in you could check them on one hand, are the Explorer dial variants. Though most of pieces accompanied a similar blend of round records and stick implement with the altered triangle at 12 that the Sub actually includes today, there are a couple of examples actually out there with the Arabic 3-6-9 markings of the Explorer. You can presumably think about how significant these specific pieces are.

The Submariner 6536 has a dial that is profoundly desirable.

The Hands

Both dial varieties, the super uncommon Explorer and the standard yet ludicrously scant plated dial, accompanied a similar Mercedes-style hands that originally joined the Submariner reach on the ref. 6200 from 1954. The soonest models held the more extended sorts, with a minutes hand that covered the dial’s external part ring, prior to being abbreviated sooner or later during the creation cycle.

The Movement

The ref. 6536 was fueled by the Cal. 1030, a 25-gem programmed type originally presented in 1950 that would proceed to acquire COSC status before the decade’s over. Nonetheless, that would come after the ref. 6536 had been ceased, so you will not discover any purported OCC models, with the ‘Authoritatively Certified Chronometer’ text on the dial as you will with later references.

Formally perceived or not, the Cal. 1030 was as yet a considerable entertainer, the main bi-directional programmed winding development Rolex had made. With a recurrence of 18,000vph and flaunting a blue steel hairspring with a Breguet overcoil, it was acclimated to five situations by the brand, equivalent to it would have been to acquire the Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute confirmation.

In all, the Cal. 1030 would serve in above and beyond two dozen Rolex models prior to being eliminated by the refreshed 1500 arrangement.

What are your musings on the Submariner 6536? Comment below!

The Legacy

Its time at the center of attention was unquestionably concise at the same time, similar to the path with vintage Rolex, it is that exact momentary nature that makes the ref. 6536 a particularly alluring objective for authorities just as a captivating section in the Submariner story.

With every cycle, regardless of how brief, Rolex made another stride in culminating what, for some, individuals, is their unmistakable creation.

The Sub is without a doubt the most powerful plunge observe at any point made, and following its ancestry back through these super uncommon models is a dazzling excursion.

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