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The Reference 116400GV Rolex Milgauss with Z-Blue Dial

The Reference 116400GV Rolex Milgauss with Z-Blue Dial

Rolex is known all through the world for their profoundly competent game watches and their lavish, superficial point of interest watches. Be that as it may, one watch falls into neither category and remains fairly an odd one out among the Rolex arrangement. The counter attractive Milgauss has exceptional highlights that tailor it to one explicit use – similar as Rolex’s expert arrangement of game watches; in any case, its generally speaking styling is significantly more in-accordance with Rolex’s other, more conventional offerings.

The Milgauss Z-Blue Dial is a fascinating watch for its novel cause, plan, and purpose.

The Rolex Milgauss 116400GV

The remarkable Milgauss assortment made for those presented to attractive fields. The watch accomplishes its attractive opposition by encasing its development inside a Faraday confine, which altogether shields its sensitive inward operations from conceivably destructive attractive powers following up on it. Albeit amazing from a mechanical point of view, generally couple of individuals really required the counter attractive capacities of the Milgauss, and therefore, it assumed a lower priority position to Rolex’s more mainstream Submariner and GMT-Master lines of watches.

Here is a predecessor of the current Milguass, the two of which are impervious to attractive fields.

Despite its helpless beginning deals and marginally dark planned reason, the Milgauss has waited as a contribution in the Rolex index is as yet underway today. Despite the fact that it has not seen close to as many reference amendments as different lines of Rolex watches, the Milgauss has gone through various different overhauls and updates during the time that it has stayed in production.

A 50th Anniversary of the Milgauss

To praise the 50th commemoration of their enemy of attractive watch , Rolex delivered an uncommon variant of their Milgauss that – in the same way as other of Rolex’s other commemoration pieces – utilized a touch of green-hued style. For the commemoration edition, this appeared as a green-colored sapphire gem. As this quality was completely special to the Milgauss, it immediately turned into a significant selling point for Rolex’s line of against attractive watches, and was along these lines persisted onto the new, non-commemoration edition of the Milgauss.

Here is the essence of the Rolex Milgauss 116400GV with the Z-Blue dial and a lighting seconds hand.

At Baselworld 2014, Rolex delivered another rendition of the reference 116400GV Milgauss – this time with an electric blue dial. Like the 50th commemoration edition that presented the 116400GV reference number, the new, non-commemoration Milgauss additionally highlighted a green-colored sapphire gem fitted over the dial’s surface.

Milgauss Z-Blue Dial

Other than the splendid blue dial, which Rolex calls Z-Blue, the new reference 116400GV Milgauss is completely indistinguishable from the commemoration edition that was delivered quite a long while earlier. In light of that, the splendid, metallic shade of the Z-Blue dial brings about a fundamentally unexpected watch in comparison to the 50th commemoration edition Milgauss that passes by a similar reference number.

As a tone for watch dials, blue is nearly pretty much as exemplary and flexible as the more customary tones of dark, white, and silver. In any case, the shading blue additionally dominates at having the option to show up marginally more easygoing and unconventional, without all the while taking a chance with the risk of coming off as too casual or extraordinary in appearance.

Although the Milgauss doesn’t get as much consideration as a large number of Rolex’s other watch lines, it is genuinely one of a kind among their different contributions. Despite the fact that it falls somewhere close to an instrument watch, a dress watch, and a game watch, the Milgauss is a profoundly useful decision, as it combines 100 meters of water opposition with unrivaled insect attractive abilities. With its striking Z-Blue dial , lightning jolt formed seconds hand, and hypnotizing green sapphire precious stone, the reference 16400GV is effectively perhaps the most outwardly unmistakable watches that Rolex has at any point put forward.

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