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The Rolex Datejust: Befit for Equestrians

The Rolex Datejust: Befit for Equestrians

With overwhelming accuracy and majestic feel, Rolex has been an equestrian’s need since 1957. Rolex DateJust watches have been highlighted in competitions around the world, including the Spruce Meadows “Bosses” competition, the Rolex Fei World Cup Final, and the Alltech Fei World Equestrian Games. Equestrian bosses, for example, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, Gonzalo Pieres Jr., Zara Phillips, and Isabell Werth have worn and keep on wearing these immortal watches, for accuracy, tastefulness, and quality is their game.

A Rolex Lady-Datejust ref. 178273 is known for its precise time.

Made for Equestrians

The Datejust model is the watch model bought by equestrian racers. Rolex has delivered four new Datejust models this year : The Datejust II, the Festive Collection Datejust with 262 jewels striped across the dial, a Lady-Datejust, and a Datejust Lady 31. The Datejust II is a reevaluation of a work of art, manly Rolex model. Its 904L, 41 mm steel case is deliberately contrived from erosion safe material. The bezel is smooth in surface, and the dial comprises of a flawlessly created silver sunray get done with smooth white markers. The 904L steel Oyster wristband comes with an Easylink expansion framework. The Datejust II is additionally water safe up to 100 meters/330 feet , however its characterizing trademark is its superior stun absorbers.

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The Festive Collection Datejust comes with a dark lacquered dial. Ten precious stone set hour markers and 18 ct pink gold hands make this watch overflowing with embellishments. The bezel highlights 60 roll cut jewels, one for each second, and 120 precious stones on its edge, showing the tastefulness of its wearer.

A Rolex Datejust II ref. 116333 is an ideal watch for any Equestrian athlete.

The Rolex Lady DateJust and DateJust Lady 31 both component yellow or white 18 ct gold dials with specific numerals or numbers featured by valuable stones. The Lady DateJust is yellow gold with a President wristband and fluted bezel, deserving of an honor. The 18 ct gold, Roman numeral dial includes a bigger VI numeral with 11 rubies. The Datejust Lady 31 is an Oyster wristband watch including a dial with 8 precious stones and enormous 6 and 9 numbers with 16 rubies each. There is additionally a white gold and jewel form of these models, the lone contrast being sapphires instead of rubies.

Equestrians and support wherever have shared the custom of wearing a Rolex Datejust. The Datejust II encompasses exemplary allure, the Festive Collection Datejust celebrated adornment, and the Lady Datejust and Datejust Lady 31 complexity with contrast.  A Rolex Datejust characterizes its wearer, gives accuracy and usefulness, and radiates class, befit for any equestrian.

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