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The Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller 116660

The Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller 116660


Rolex tended to the issue during the 60s, teaming up with French mechanical plunging experts Comex to come up with the programmed Helium Escape Valve (HEV) , a little, pressure touchy controller that delivers the gas from the watch’s inside as jumpers get back to the surface. First seen on the Sea-Dweller, it plays an indispensable capacity on the Deepsea, going about as the watch’s own smaller than expected decompression chamber.

In expansion, it shares a portion of the very developments that set Rolex’s plunge models up for life in any case. The engraved bezel is produced using the brand’s own Cerachrom, a practically indestructible ceramic that opposes seawater consumption. It, not at all like the Yacht-Master’s encompass, just pivots a single way, allowing wearer’s monitor their submersion time. Furthermore, the extraordinarily extreme Oyster arm band comes with both the vault-like Oysterlock catch and the cunning Glidelock framework that permits fine acclimations to be made effectively, without the requirement for tools.

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The Deepsea at Bob’s Watches

Here at Bob’s we have a determination of Deepsea models. The ref. 116660 has just at any point been made, you will not be amazed to learn, in steel. There are no gold forms of a watch intended to work flawlessly almost 4000M submerged, for evident reasons.

Adding to its utilitarian allure, Rolex have just delivered dark dial renditions, and it is presently the just one of their three jump watches to have no Cyclops focal point over its date window. It gives a satisfying evenness to the appearance of the Deepsea that numerous fans feel has been lost now the Sea-Dweller’s most recent manifestation has its date magnified.

Inside, the Cal. 3135 gives the drive, a type with a thirty-year family that is as yet quite possibly the most exact and solid at any point made, by any producer. It has been giving excellent help since 1988, in the absolute most testing conditions comprehensible .

In the End…

What the Deepsea needs the Submariner’s adaptability, it compensates for in sheer presence. Albeit a 44mm case is not, at this point considered particularly outsized, the weight and majority of the watch give it an atmosphere all its own.

While it might have abilities a long ways past what its proprietors can use, there isn’t anything to contact it to act as an illustration of watchmaking virtuosity.

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