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The Rolex GMT-Master II 16760

The Rolex GMT-Master II 16760

As any gatherer knows, when Rolex reveals another rendition of one of their most famous plans, modernizes it with a large group of at no other time seen highlights and afterward keeps the creation run generally short, that watch will become a hot ticket on the used market.

There are various such models in the Rolex stable, yet the Fat Lady herself, the first GMT-Master II ref. 16760, stays one of the seriously suffering must-haves.

A GMT-Master Coke has a dark and red bezel.

Perhaps the most corner-of-the-eye unmistakable watch in the entire inventory, the bi-shading bezel of the GMT-Masters have guaranteed they’ve never been confused with the Submariner, albeit the two arrangement’s have consistently been elaborately comparative and were delivered around a similar time during the fifties.

Developed related to Pan Am as a path for their pilots to monitor distinctive time regions during overseas flights, the GMT-Master immediately turned into a top choice among military pilots as well and even discovered their way on to the wrists of NASA’s space travelers—Jack “Houston, we have a problem” Swigert wore one on the disastrous Apollo 13 mission.

The Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 16760 with a dark and red bezel.

They likewise won an excited fan base among high-mileage business explorers, who discovered having both the neighborhood and home time regions set on their watch counterbalance a portion of the psychological strains of jetlag.

The GMT-Master II 16760 ‘Fat Lady’

Such was the watch’s notoriety, the first GMT-Master remained underway until 1999. It had, obviously, experienced a large group of significant updates in its almost 45-year life expectancy, however even the presentation of its alleged substitution, the first of the GMT-Master II reach in 1983, couldn’t cut its wings.

The body-disgracing epithet for that underlying reference, the 16760, then again known by the more complimentary moniker ‘Sophia Loren’, came from the exquisite bends of its liberally upgraded extents, an important plan highlight to house the all-new type inside, the cal. 3085.

This watch is nicknamed the Coke for its dark and red tone scheme.

Although the quickset date work must be forfeited, the new development was a coherent expansion to a definitive explorers watch, as it at last considered the uncoupling of great importance hand from the GMT hand. This implied that setting the subsequent time region at your objective was presently immediate, with the bolt tipped 24-hour hand ready to bounce in reverse or advances independently.

As an outcome, it was even conceivable to monitor a third timezone by perusing it off that eye-discovering turning bezel.

The Real Thing

The different two-tone shading plans have consistently been one of the significant selling focuses for the GMT. At the point when the first of the Cerachrom renditions was delivered in 2005 with an all dark bezel, Rolex demanded it was difficult to add a second tone to their new exclusive clay, the GMT dedicated were quite unmoved. (The ‘outlandish’ blue and dark Cerachrom Batman adaptation was delivered soon after.)

Rolex has delivered their bi-shading artistic bezel.

Along with being tastefully alluring and attempting to separate the watch from different games models in the reach, the differentiating tones on the bezel assumed a significant part in aiding jetlagged wearers recognize night and day as they went between time regions. The first watch from 1953 had immediately gotten the name ‘Pepsi’ for its blue and red bezel, with the blue addressing the daytime and red the evening. It was participated in 1963 by the earthy colored and gold ‘Root Beer’ (in any case referred to in certain circles as the Clint Eastwood).

The Fat Lady was the first in the reach to brandish a dark and red encompass, quickly named the ‘Coke’ bezel by gatherers and guaranteeing the 16760 turned into the watch with probably the most noteworthy number of informal epithets joined to it in Rolex’s long history. It was the lone shading plan accessible during its moderately short run, and it never showed up in a valuable metal variation, dissimilar to the GMT-Master, which had presented steel/gold and all-gold extravagance renditions. The Fat Lady was consistently spotless steel.

The Fat Lady is a hardened steel GMT-Master II.

A number of different firsts additionally discovered their way on to the first GMT-Master II. The acrylic precious stone was supplanted with the more scratch safe sapphire and it turned into the first in the arrangement to utilize white gold to encompass the lists. The two highlights are presently standard issue on all Rolexes.

The 16760, while not exactly ‘squint and you’ll miss it’, was distinctly underway from 1983 to 1988. Its substitution, the 16710, was fueled by a more current, slimmer type (the 3185) that, while indistinguishable in capacities, took into account a re-visitation of more thin, elegant bodywork.

Would you add this to your watch collection?

The GMT arrangement has delighted in a solid after among Rolex lovers since the time its presentation. Seen as the model pilot’s watch similarly that the Submariner has consistently been the go-to for proficient jumpers, the first of the GMT-Master II contributions has gathered an energetically warm fan base among authorities. Its at no other time seen tinge and host of creative characteristics make it a significant achievement throughout the entire existence of the brand, and its short five-year run loan it that essential quality of exclusivity.

Even thus, the 16760 addresses something of a deal on the used market for a model with such a lot of family. While finding a model in great condition can take some looking, those new to the universe of vintage watches are frequently charmingly amazed by exactly how achievable they can be and, for some a fan, it denotes the beginning of their excursion into Rolex collecting.

Adding the GMT-Master II to your watch box will be an ideal addition.

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