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The Rolex Submariner Evolution 1680, 16800, and 168000

The Rolex Submariner Evolution 1680, 16800, and 168000

Though the historical backdrop of the Rolex Submariner stretches much further back, the 1680 and resulting models that followed remain exceptionally attractive for those searching for something somewhat more day by day wear cordial. For the most part on proposal in the ballpark of $7,000 – $15,000 (except for the Red Sub, yet more on that later), the 168xxx models still can’t seem to begin soaring similarly we’ve seen the 5513 Submariners take off, however likewise with everything vintage nowadays we can’t resist the urge to feel that it won’t be long. Despite this, every emphasis of the model has its advantages and disadvantages for those needing a day by day wear Submariner that isn’t recently out of HQ, so we figured we would pause for a minute to inspect the key distinction that isolates one age from the following.

We have three Submariners the (from left to right): 1680, 16800, 168000.

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Submariner Evolution: Rolex Submariner 1680

Tracking the date of the principal Rolex 1680 is somewhat of an undeniable irritation, however it’s for the most part concurred that the first of its sort showed up in the last part of the 1960’s. Of the key distinctive highlights isolating it from its archetype, the Rolex Submariner 5513, the expansion of a date window and an amplifying focal point to its acrylic precious stone are by a long shot the most striking. A plan prompt that has kept going in the model reach from that point onward, and one that caused a reasonable piece of contention when it was added to the refreshed Sea Dweller in 2017, this commonsense update likewise implied an update to its type. The new type 1575 apparently is a close to twin to its kin the 1570, however with the expansion of a date wheel. The Rolex Submariner 1680 is a stunning vintage watch and add to your assortment.

Early examples, known as the “Red Submariner” (created through until 1973), are by a wide margin the most collectible. In complete seven dial varieties of the Rolex Red Submariner 1680 were delivered with unpretentious contrasts in typeface, the situating of meters versus feet of profundity rating, and different complexities, yet in all cases that uncommon and unobtrusive hint of red on the dial makes these variations substantially more alluring among gatherers. On the other side, a more “normal” 1680 can be had at a much lower cost of passage in the event that you’d lean toward an early Sub that you don’t should be reluctant to wear day by day. The way that it utilizes an acrylic precious stone methods it’s a touch less “crude” than the models that followed, which is something to remember contingent upon your wearing propensities.

The Submariner 16800 is a staggering watch and makes certain to increment in incentive as time comes.

Rolex Submariner 16800

In numerous manners, the 16800 is viewed as the most awesome aspect the two universes to the extent finding some kind of harmony of vintage appeal and present day wearability. Known as the “temporary Sub” in many circles, the new model showed up in 1978 to supplant its previously mentioned kin. The 16800 holds the matte dial and painted records of its archetypes, combined with wanted present day accessories, including a scratch-safe sapphire gem and a refreshed type. With the appearance of the Rolex type 3035, the working recurrence of the equilibrium was expanded to an advanced 4Hz, or 28,800 vibrations each hour, and furthermore denoted the presentation of a speedy set date work interestingly. Its force hold likewise expanded to 50 hours, anyway with regards to the center mechanics of the type the 3035 remaining parts very like the 1575 it supplanted. At this point Rolex was more than mindful of the degree of unwavering quality and precision they had made, and shrewdly chose not to endeavor to waste time as they developed the type.

So far costs of the 16800 reference Submariners have remained sensibly congenial compared to the more seasoned subs available, and with about 10 years underway (finishing in 1988) they are genuinely simple to come by fit as a fiddle. What’s especially engaging about chasing for your own 16800 is the wide scope of maturing seen on the numerous models available. While a few models can be found in new and close to mint condition, their bezels were additionally every so often inclined to untimely blurring, prompting the much-adored “phantom bezel” look (as seen on the wrist of Bob’s Watches proprietor Paul Altieri, among others).

Which of these Submariners do you like the most?

Rolex Submariner 168000

At a quick look, recognizing the contrasts between a 16800 and the 168000 (or “triple zero”) is no simple undertaking. The uncommon and lustrous dialed Subs were just created from mid-1988 through into 1989, and by the day’s end their solitary genuine separating factor is that their delivery denoted Rolex’s joining of 904L tempered steel as opposed to the more customary 316L they had utilized beforehand — a steel that is as yet used right up ’til today by 99% of other watch brands in the commercial center. By the last part of creation of its twofold zero kin, Rolex had just started utilizing the shine dials and raised records you see here on the 168000. It’s protected to hypothesize that this restricted creation shortage will see estimations of the triple zero ascent in the years to come, anyway for the time being it’s an unshakable illustration of an exemplary Submariner that is designed at its center to be a reasonable, wearable, or more all tough watch.

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