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The Rolex Watches of This Year’s Highest Paid Celebs: The Athletes

The Rolex Watches of This Year’s Highest Paid Celebs: The Athletes

Forbes as of late delivered their 100 World’s Highest-Paid Entertainers 2017 rundown with individuals rounding up a combined absolute of $5.15 billion from June 2016 to June 2017. As we combed through the rundown, we really wanted to see that so many of these well off VIPs are likewise Rolex proprietors! So numerous indeed, that we can’t cover them all in only one article. We chose to make a short rundown of the absolute most affluent competitors wearing Rolex watches.

Join us as we look at the Rolex watches of a portion of the world’s most generously compensated performers, beginning with the competitors that made it onto the list.

Carmelo Anthony

Rank: #97

Earnings: $32.6M

Long-time NBA installation, Carmelo Anthony pays attention to watches very. So genuinely truth be told that he’s prime supporter of Haute Time magazine. Among numerous different watches, he has a white gold Sky-Dweller , a hardened steel Yacht-Master II, and a few yellow gold Day-Date watches in his lucky collection.

Carmelo Anthony’s noteworthy extravagance watch collection. (Credit: Haute Time)

Conor McGregor

Rank: #89

Earnings: $34M

UFC megastar, Conor McGregor, is both a strong contender and admirer of the better things throughout everyday life. The world champ routinely parades his yellow gold Yacht-Master II, Everose gold Sky-Dweller, and green dial Rolex President on his Instagram profile.

Conor McGregor is another high paid competitor, soon to confront extreme competition with Mayweather. (Credit: Sports.fr)

Stephen Curry

Rank: #42

Earnings: $47.3M

Stephen Curry’s profit that got him a spot on this rundown is preceding his new huge $201 million agreement expansion with the 2016-17 NBA Champions, the Golden State Warriors. Since this is the most extravagant agreement in NBA history, we anticipate that he should rank a lot higher on following year’s Forbes’ rundown. Will the fan most loved get some more Rolex watches to join his Deepsea watch ? We’ll be keeping a nearby eye.

Stephen Curry is another generously compensated competitor who wears a Sea-Dweller. (credit: NBA)

Kevin Durant

Rank: #28

Earnings: $60.6M

Fellow Golden State Warrior player, Kevin Durant, is similarly as dynamic in Silicon Valley as a financial backer in tech new businesses as he is on the ball court. He’s additionally a Rolex fan and wears the extremely sought-after treated steel Daytona with the fired bezel regularly.

Kevin Durant is another player on the Warriors who has his eye out of extravagance watches. (credit: Haute Time)

LeBron James

Rank: #10

Earnings: $86M

While the NBA title ring evaded him this year, LeBron James stays the most generously compensated NBA player on this rundown. In spite of the fact that Audemars Piguet made an exceptional version Royal Oak Offshore watch in his honor quite a long while prior, King James has been spotted all the more as of late wearing Rolex watches. All yellow gold models, these incorporate the Yacht-Master II, the Sky-Dweller, and the Day-Date II with a dark dial.

LeBron James has an enormous collection of watches which incorporate the Yacht-Master II, the Sky-Dweller, and the Day-Date II. (Credit: ESPN)

Cristiano Ronaldo

Rank: #5

Earnings: $93M

Even if Cristiano Ronaldo—the most generously compensated competitor on the rundown—is an authority brand diplomat of TAG Heuer, that doesn’t prevent the soccer star from wearing his yellow gold Daytona and Sky-Dweller watches from time to time.

Cristiano Ronaldo wears a brilliant Rolex Daytona. (Credit: luxuskarorak)

There you have it;  inconceivable competitors and their watches that they decide to brandish. Try not to miss Part II of this arrangement where we cover the Rolex watches of the artists that made it onto the Forbes’ 100 World’s Highest-Paid Entertainers 2017 list.

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