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The Rolex Yacht-Master ref. 16623

The Rolex Yacht-Master ref. 16623

Up there with a standing for making some of the finest watches in the business, the one thing everybody seems to think about Rolex is their insistence on obsessive secrecy. While this atmosphere of the strong and silent sort has gone far in securing their baffling status, it gives some individuals a specific license to make up their own stories about the brand, unrestricted by anything as commonplace as facts, safe in the information they’re probably not going to be revised officially.

There are numerous variations of the Yacht-Master ref. 16623.

One of these countless rumors, which you can choose to accept or not as you see fit, is worried about the inspiration behind the Yacht-Master ref. 16623 by Rolex .

There is a story that during the eighties, Rolex was looking to completely transform the design of their most notorious watch, the Submariner, because… indeed, who can say for sure? The Sub had been the brand’s most dearest and successful creation practically since its introduction to the world. Patching up its design would have been as unbelievable and ridiculous as changing the formula for Coca Cola.


The Yacht-Master Surfaces

Perhaps gaining from the catastrophe and utter visually impaired wrath that welcomed the dispatch of ‘New Coke’ in 1985, Rolex ruled against the presentation of a modernized Submariner, however didn’t have any desire to through and through shelve the latest design they had created. Eventually, it was chosen this new model could be promoted as a more luxurious nautically themed watch; not, at this point an apparatus for submerged adventurers, yet something set to take a gander at home on a polished teak deck or relaxing in the advantaged environs of the yacht club.

Whether there’s any reality to the story (and there may be, the eighties were brimming with strange decisions like that) the one thing that is sure is that the 1992 dispatch of the Yacht-Master ref 16628 denoted the first completely new watch to rise up out of Rolex since the Daytona in 1964.

This Yacht-Master ref. 16623 has a blue dial Rolex.

Rolex doesn’t rush themselves to draw out every new watch. After the Yacht-Master, it would take them a further 20 years to deliver another, when the Sky-Dweller hit everyone up in 2012. Their ethos has always been one of relentless improvements to existing designs as opposed to constantly attempting to waste time. It’s a philosophy that has worked spectacularly.

Of course, in the Yacht-Master’s case, ‘new’ is a genuinely loose term. At the point when the 16628 was divulged, the similarities to the Submariner were extremely obvious, in an ‘on the off chance that it ain’t broke’ sort of way. Rolex made just a couple of distinctions between the two; at first just accessible with a 18k gold case, it was water resistant to 100m as opposed to 300m for the jumper’s watch. The solid gold bezel turned one or the other way, delivering it of little use for submerged planning, while softer, more adjusted dimensions underlined its luxurious aspirations. Other than that, the two watches shared a development, the type 3135, alongside similar hands and an indistinguishable dial layout.

If the Submariner was a Land Rover, exquisite in an intense, utilitarian, completing things sort of way, this new Yacht-Master had the rich bearing and imperious manners of a Range Rover—still amazingly proficient under, however all in all too beautiful to go anyplace close to the unpleasant stuff.

The Rolex Yacht-Master ref. 16623

Perhaps because of its close resemblance to the Submariner inside and out with the exception of value, the Yacht-Master has never entirely coordinated its unbelievable prevalence, albeit starting holding up lists were impressive on its release. Throughout the long term, Rolex made the watch from an assortment of precious materials, including their two protected alloys Rolesor and Rolesium, a combination of gold and steel, and platinum and steel respectively. The Yacht-Master also turned into the first Oyster Professional watch to be made accessible in a fair size at 35mm, alongside the ladies and full-size men’s models.

The Yacht-Master ref. 16623 is an extremely close sibling to the Submariner.

In 2005, perhaps the most enduringly well known versions of the reach arose, the 40mm Yacht-Master ref. 16623. The two-tone Rolesor combination of yellow gold and stainless steel, Rolex’s most conspicuous shading scheme since its presentation route back in 1933, was totally suited to the spirit of the Yacht-Master; classy and luxurious, yet tough enough to survive a daily existence on the sea waves . Or possibly an occasional regatta.

It was accessible in several dial configurations—the white, silver and champagne faces stayed understated, while the blue, earthy colored and mother of pearl made a seriously contrasting, eye-getting impact. The gold bi-directional, hour long bezel kept its polished and oversized numerals, which, in contrast to the Submariner, were embossed and raised from the surface.

Inside, the 3135 development, still used in the latest versions of the watch today, substantiated itself as ultra dependable as ever. The self-winding, 31-gem mechanism has been a mainstay for Rolex since it was created by the company in 1988 and powers a greater amount of their line up than some other. For the Yacht-Master, it offered extraordinary precision, a force reserve of 48 hours, and the KIF shock insurance system ensured it was worked to last.

On the wrist, its nimbly bended lugs and compliment stomach cause devotees to praise it as a more comfortable ordinary wear than the Submariner, and the yellow gold on the bezel repeated through onto the middle links of the Oyster wristband, giving the entire watch a less apparatus like and more extravagant feel.

While the Yacht-Master ref. 16623 can’t dive as deep as the Submariner, it very well may be used for yachting.

Summing Up

It takes a great deal for Rolex to dispatch a completely new creation on an unsuspecting world.

If the rumors of the Yacht-Master’s genesis are in fact evident, fans of the Swiss goliath can inhale a sigh of help that their famous jumper’s watch remains a separate substance to this day. What arose instead of a restyled Submariner is a stunning watch of unadulterated extravagance, designed for life on the untamed seas as opposed to under it, and the Rolesor Yacht-Master ref. 16623 is the ideal companion for any very much obeyed sailor.

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