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The Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona

The Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona

Possibly the lone model in the Rolex inventory to out-famous the Submariner, the Cosmograph Daytona has become an establishment in the realm of extravagance watches, and the yellow gold Rolex Daytona is no exception.

A result of all that was best about the sixties, the Daytona was brought into the world in engine hustling’s sentimental prime and the golden time of Hollywood cool.

A Daytona with dark dial and precious stone hour markers

Housing high usefulness inside immortal exemplary plan, it has risen above its legacy as the model driver’s watch to become a striking articulation of progress and status.

Like the most accomplished models from the Swiss watchmaker, the Daytona has opposed extremist redesigns over its over 50-year lifetime—there is, for instance, no Daytona II. Apparently at any rate, it remains to a great extent like the primary watch dispatched in 1963.


While yellow gold adaptations have dropped all through design for quite a long time for white or Everose, it stays the ruler of the valuable metals. Rolex offer yellow gold Daytona watches in a huge range of various styles; from unpretentious, energetic cases on Oysterflex arm bands to shiny all gold works of art complete with jewel indexes.

As an eye-getting show of sumptuous style, a yellow gold Rolex Daytona remains unrivaled.

The Rolex Daytona

Unusually for Rolex, they were slow off the mark for chronographs and their first unsuccessful endeavors to break the market were tepid, best case scenario. Different watchmakers had been improving them for longer.

It wasn’t until they appeared the reference 6239 out of 1963 that they encountered their first taste of achievement, the year after they became official watch at the Daytona International Speedway. Momentarily named the Le Mans Chronograph, their new creation before long embraced the moniker of the renowned hustling circuit to claim more to an American audience.

A Rolex Daytona Reference 116528 with a dark dial

Even more strange for the brand, the Daytona didn’t get its own in-house type till 2000. For a very long time it depended on that most un-Rolex of things—an outsider development, but a profoundly altered one. The principal models utilized the manual winding Cal. 72 chronograph from the unbelievable Swiss maker Valjoux. Tweaked by Rolex, including specific the company’s own stun retention gadget, it was renamed the 72B.

Even in this way, the Daytona battled to discover its crowd when it was first dispatched, and it took celebrity sovereignty to save it. Similarly as the Explorer II owes a tremendous obligation of appreciation to Steve McQueen’s support, the Daytona’s fortunes were changed for the time being on account of a specific Paul Newman. At the point when spouse Joanne Woodward purchased the entertainer a ref. 6239 to commemorate the beginning of his engine dashing profession, the watch began its move towards being perhaps the most pursued pieces at any point made. It’s said the entertainer wore the watch each day until his passing in 2008.

The subtle minor departure from the watch face, known as ‘colorful dials’, that imprint out the scope of Paul Newman Daytonas see models change hands among gatherers for really stunning measures of cash. An incredibly uncommon lemon dial example, in yellow gold, as of late sold for more than $3.5 million. Furthermore, in October, that unique ref. 6239 present goes available to be purchased in New York—we’ll let you know!

In 1988, Rolex acquired another chronograph development, this time oneself winding El Primero from Zenith, for the second arrangement of Daytonas. After some substantial adjusting, the type really held less than a large portion of its unique parts and was fitted with another escapement and offset spring with Breguet overcoil. Gone was the date work and the equilibrium’s wavering rate was dropped to 28,800 bph to build power hold and require less regular servicing.

This new reference, the 16520, saw the Daytona begin to arise as a superficial point of interest as opposed to the practical device watch it had consistently been. A bigger 40mm case and lacquered dial surfaces added to the extravagant feel, and the sub-dials were ringed in differentiating colors, giving the watch a dynamic presence.

Now substantially more than a profoundly helpful chronograph, it became the watch to be seen with. In a flash fruitful in the debauched 80s, holding up records before long extended into years, with Rolex battling to stay aware of interest, hampered as they were by the utilization of outside makers for the movements.

The Golden Age: Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona

With the new century, Rolex at last brought their own type into the Daytona, the 4130, paring down the quantity of inside components to improve unwavering quality. Notwithstanding, developing their developments in-house has done little to cut the stand by time, and it takes either a great deal of persistence or a nearby close companion as a seller to get your hands on another watch rapidly, particularly the steel models.

The valuable metal forms can be had faster, due predominantly to their greater cost and correspondingly lower interest. Rolex isn’t bashful about presenting new styles for their leader chronograph. Ongoing years have seen a large group of Daytonas in everything from Everose to platinum, with yellow gold making up precisely a large portion of the range.

Like all the metals that go into their watches, the yellow gold utilized in the Daytona is refined in Rolex’s own foundry profound underground, Bond reprobate style, at their Plans-Les-Ouates base right external Geneva.

Today, yellow gold Daytonas can be had in an assortment of styles adequately flexible to engage a wide crowd, if they have adequately profound pockets.

The Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona 116528 white dial

The 18K golden case and arm band of the ref. 116528 is accessible with dials of dark, white and mother of pearl, alongside Rolex’s unique green. Jewels additionally supplant the hour markers on certain adaptations for a definitive in capturing plushness. Undeniably more energetic and consistent with its hustling roots is the ref. 116518LN delivered for this present year at Baselworld, a perfectly smooth watch on the creative Oysterflex wristband and with a dark Cerachrom bezel that looks back to the John Player Special Daytona from the 1960s. In the middle is the ref. 116503, a blend of yellow gold and Rolex’s ultra solid 904L steel for the most amazing aspect all worlds.


The Cosmograph Daytona has been an unfit example of overcoming adversity for Rolex and quite possibly the main game watches ever, because of the brightness of its plan and the nature of its assembling. Being Butch Cassidy’s #1 wrist decoration didn’t hurt either.

The yellow gold Rolex Daytona varieties are an immaculate mix of structure and capacity, a hard core entertainer inside a lovely piece of adornments, proposed for those lone content with the very best.

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