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Then & Now: The Rolex Air-King Reference 116900

Then & Now: The Rolex Air-King Reference 116900

The Air-King is one of the least-examined models in the Rolex list, yet it is perhaps the most established line of watches with a rich and exceptional history that dates right back to 1945. Albeit the Air-King has never customarily been fitted with a particular highlights or complications, it has consistently addressed a section point into Rolex possession, with its incredible dependability and moderate list of capabilities.

The Rolex Air-King initially started its reality after Rolex fellow benefactor, Hans Wilsdorf heard accounts of British World War II pilots dumping their standard-issue, field watches for their actually bought, Oyster Perpetual watches, because of their boss exactness and reliability. To respect the bold RAF pilots who were so attached to his items, Wilsdorf chose to deliver a progression of watches with flying themed names. In spite of the various lines of watches that were delivered to showcase, just the Air-King stayed underway, can in any case be found in the Rolex list today.

The Rolex Air-King 5500 is the antecedent to the new line

Then: The Reference 5500

The absolute first Rolex Air-King from 1945 was the reference 4925, which combined various qualities that were normal for Rolex’s other different avionics themed watches. Few Air-King references immediately followed the reference 4925; anyway in 1957, Rolex delivered another age of the Air-King, the reference 5500, that would proceed to stay underway for the following 37 years.

The reference 5500 utilized a 34 mm tempered steel Oyster case, which was fitted with a thick acrylic gem and a coordinating hardened steel Oyster wristband. Contingent upon the time of creation and country in which the watch was sold, the reference 5500 Air-King was fitted with either Rolex’s type 1520 or type 1530 development. Regardless of the distinction in developments, none of the reference 5500 Air-King watches were chronometer ensured, and therefore none had the “Standout Chronometer Officially Certified” text show up on the outside of their dials.

The Rolex Air-King reference 116900 is the most recent edition of the celebrated watch

Now: The Reference 116900

The latest manifestation of the Air-King, the reference 116900 shares undeniably more practically speaking with the contemporary Rolex Milgauss than any of the past Air-King ages. The 116900 offers a 40 mm treated steel case with the Milgauss, and even uses precisely the same, inner development shield make from ferromagnetic compounds, which gives the Milgauss its unbelievable, hostile to attractive properties.

While the Air-King actually stays a period just watch, the reference 116900 is currently fitted with a scratch-safe, sapphire gem and has the “Standout Chronometer Officially Certified” text show up on its dial to coordinate the remainder of the watches in the contemporary Rolex setup. Notwithstanding the new COSC-related content, the dial on the reference 116900 Air-King presently includes splendid yellow and green features, alongside white content and white gold hour markers for a completely current generally speaking appearance.

The development inside the reference 116900 Air-King has additionally gotten an update, and now has a similar COSC-ensured, type 3131 development that is utilized to control the contemporary Rolex Milgauss. The type 3131 utilizations Rolex’s restrictive, blue Parachrom hairspring, and a break haggle fork produced using nickel-phosphorus, which further builds the watch’s general protection from possibly troublesome attractive powers.

The Rolex Air-King has verifiably addressed a section point into Rolex proprietorship, and has permitted people to approach the Rolex’s incredible exactness, dependability, and distinction with no extra highlights or complications. While the advanced Air-King is an altogether unexpected watch in comparison to the reference 5500, and a much more noteworthy takeoff from the first wristwatch that Hans Wilsdorf delivered to people in general in 1945, the reference 116900 is a cutting edge reevaluation of a Rolex exemplary, which has been refreshed with against attractive capacities to all the more likely battle with contemporary everyday life.

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