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Thinking of buying the Rolex Smurf? Here’s What You Need to Know

Thinking of buying the Rolex Smurf? Here’s What You Need to Know

The Rolex Submariner ref. 116619 is an exceptionally alluring games watch known as the Smurf. This watch came to advertise in 2008 and was one of three all-gold Submariner models to make a big appearance that year.  A completely shiny new Submariner model, the reference 116619 flaunts its own arrangement of eminent highlights that set it apart from other Rolex sports watches.

The Rolex Submariner ref. 116619 is a gold watch with a blue dial.

Notable Features on the Rolex Smurf:

The Rolex Submariner 116619, is created completely out of 18 karat white gold.  Precious metals add a weight that is not normal for some other metal option.  truth be told, numerous Smurf proprietors will concur that their early introduction of the Submariner 116619 was its unmistakable weight and feel.  The quality and worth are evident from the second this reference contacts your wrist.  The Submariner Smurf is a magnificent alternative in case you’re on the lookout for a genuinely special white gold games watch.

The great all-gold completion is developed totally out of white Rolex gold, which is fashioned in the Rolex foundry utilizing just excellent metals.  Often alluded to as “Dim Gold”, Rolex gold shouldn’t be re-plated following quite a while of wear and scratches and offers a predictable completion from its center to the surface.

The Rolex Submariner ref. 116619 uses very good quality material from their own foundry.

Next, is the one of a kind, all-blue Cerachrom unidirectional bezel. Practically erosion and scratch-safe, the artistic bezel will withstand long stretches of openness to salt water. Platinum embeds complement the white gold case and Oyster bracelet, demonstrating that Rolex left no detail out when building up the Rolex Smurf.

Much to the joy of Rolex fans, the Smurf additionally presented a novel lacquered blue dial to the Submariner line.  Unlike some other dial in the Rolex list, the Smurf dial offers an appealing, practically wet-looking sheen that commends the nautical history of the Submariner jumpers watch.  This specific dial highlights bigger glowing markers and more extensive hands, making what is known as the “Maxi Dial”.

The Submariner ref. 116619 is furnished with a white gold shellfish bracelet.

While the Rolex Smurf offers a conventional 40mm Oyster case, it will fit bigger on the wrist with an estimation of 48mm from drag to lug.  Also alluded to as the Rolex “Super Case”, the more current 40mm Oyster case offers a strong and present day fit.  White gold, strong end connections, and wide hauls add to the noteworthy height of the Smurf on the wrist.  The Oyster bracelet is additionally worth mentioning.  Each connection is strong and uses an alluring silk and high-clean double tone finish.  A more up to date Glidelock catch likewise appeared with the Rolex Smurf, permitting the wearer to change the length up to 5mm without the utilization of tools.

The unique Rolex jumpers watch, the Submariner has since become a pined for gatherer’s thing among proficient jumpers and eager authorities alike.  As Rolex keeps on enhancing the plan of the Submariner in coming years, it will be energizing to perceive what they come up with next.

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