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To Buy or Not to Buy: Rolex Yacht-Master 116655

To Buy or Not to Buy: Rolex Yacht-Master 116655

Within the previous few years, Rolex appeared two extremely unmistakable Yacht-Master models: the 40mm men’s reference 116655 and the 37mm women reference 268655. While the two watches offer extraordinary qualities, for example, case size and kind of developments utilized, the two of them highlight a striking pink gold and dark plan. Today we will concentrate on the striking men’s reference 116655.

The Yacht-Master 116655 is an Everose gold watch delivered by Rolex with an Oysterflex strap.

Yacht-Master 116655: One of a Kind 

The Yacht-Master ref. 116655 appears to disrupt each guideline with regards to exemplary Rolex sports watches. While the case quantifies a customary 40mm, it includes a completion created altogether from valuable 18 karat rose gold. Ask any Rolex gatherer aware of everything, and they will affirm that most of sports references in the Rolex list are highlighted in either strong treated steel or a mix of tempered steel and Rolex gold. All in all, the Yacht-Master’s planned use is equipped more towards an extravagance sports way of life, as compared to proficient arrangement Rolex watches that require a more strong case, so a valuable metal completion is very suitable.

Speaking of Everose, this striking completion is created altogether in-house by Rolex utilizing just the best metals the world has to bring to the table. The outcome is a flawless rose gold Rolex that will not dull or blur after some time. The mens Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 sets the Everose get done with contemporary components, including a matte dark dial with a Chromalight show and a coordinating matte dark, sand-impacted Cerachrom bezel. Created for use while cruising, the bezel includes a versatile artistic addition and a bidirectional plan that can be set to adjust with regatta start times just as measure distances while cruising.

The Yacht-Master 116655 is a watch that is truly comfortable to wear.

While the Rolex Everose Yacht-Master wanders away from the plan of conventional Rolex sports watches, it offers a similar solid development by means of a triple-fixed Triplock screw-down crown and a scratch-safe sapphire precious stone. While most games references are accompanied by a metal arm band, for example, the three-interface Oyster wristband, this current men’s ref. 116655 uses Rolex’s licensed Oysterflex wristband. Elite elastomer encases titanium and nickel metal for an adaptable and secure hold. The elastomer packaging is impervious to sun and openness to salt water, making it the ideal blending to this contemporary cruising watch. The insightful plan of both the case and arm band guarantees that the Yacht-Master 116655 will not slide around the wrist, offering a magnificent fit for both relaxation exercises and game.

The reference 116655 appears to make a special effort to remove itself from exemplary Rolex style, that is the reason it’s especially ideal to see a couple of recognizable highlights, including the type 3135 development. A time tested development, the type 3135 is stun safe gratitude to the expansion of a Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring. The noteworthy 3135 development has additionally passed the thorough testing of the Swiss Chronometer organization, bringing about a watch that Rolex highly esteems being “uniquely dependable”.

What are your musings on the Yacht-Master 116655? Comment below.

Crafted from valuable metals rather than other steel or two-tone sports watches, the mens Rolex Yacht-Master reference 116655 conveys with it a heftier sticker price. Nonetheless, in case you’re not kidding about adding a sizeable venture to your Rolex assortment, a used ref. 116655 might be the ideal watch for you.

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