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Vintage of the Week 1655 Explorer

Vintage of the Week 1655 Explorer

Vintage Explorer 1655

The Rolex Explorer reference 1655 is currently a very mainstream and uncommon Rolex model. Notwithstanding, it wasn’t generally so. Initially presented in 1971, the Rolex Explorer II was intended for cavern jumpers, offer uncommon highlights which could be used while submerged cavern plunging or spelunking. Rolex watchmakers realized that its client base would require help monitoring day and night while going through hours in dull caverns. In this manner, the Explorer 1655 highlights a 24-hour hand which tells the wearer whether the watch is showing a.m. or on the other hand p.m. Rolex went above and beyond and made the additional hour hand a splendid orange, causing it stick out and be simpler to peruse in dull or horrible conditions. In 1974, Rolex expanded the watch’s perceivability more by added a radiant circle to additional guide the wearer in deciding the time in obscurity. In spite of the fact that the additional hour hand was painted a splendid red in 1975, the watch kept on being known as the “orange hand” Explorer by authorities. This moniker continues today.

Movement Rolex 1655

Movement Rolex Explorer 1655

The Explorer II 1655 highlights either a 1570 or 1575 movement and, similar to the famous GMT Rolex, the Explorer 1655 uses a fixed treated steel bezel. The watch was created until 1985 when it was discontinued.

Steve McQueen Rolex 1655

Initially the Rolex Explorer 1655 as not excessively mainstream. During its 1971-1985 run, numerous pundits guaranteed the Explorer was “indecipherable” and “jumbled.” It wasn’t until Steve McQueen started brandishing the watch that its prominence and request expanded, driving it to be affectionately nicknamed the “Steve McQueen” Rolex. In spite of the fact that entertainer and racecar driver Steve McQueen wore a Tag Heuer Monaco wristwatch in the film Le Mans, he decided to wear a Rolex Explorer II reference 1655 in his genuine life.

Sir Edmund Hillary Rolex Explorer

Steve McQueen was not by any means the only celebrated individual to wear the Rolex Explorer II. While it was at first intended for cavern jumpers, other athletes used it as an instrument. For instance, acclaimed mountain dweller Sir Edmund Hillary was given a Rolex Explorer II reference 1655 by Rolex Geneva for his gigantic accomplishment of ascending Mt. Everest. An enchanting Rolex notice from the time frame highlights Hillary and the Explorer II, expressing that “In 1953 they utilized Rolex Oysters and oxygen on Everest. In 1978 they oversaw without oxygen.”

Dial Explorer 1655

The “Orange Hand” or “Steve McQueen” Rolex Explorer II reference 1655 is an entrancing piece of Rolex history. Initially a generally disagreeable model, the Explorer II 1655 is an ideal illustration of how big name can make an item. In spite of the fact that the Explorer II uses a considerable lot of the highlights of other well known Rolex models, for example, the waterproof Oyster case, a few pundits guaranteed its plan was “jumbled.” However, when Steve McQueen started wearing one as his very own watch, gatherers followed. Presently, the Explorer II reference 1655 is one of the most extraordinary and generally sought after Rolex timepieces.

Bracelet Clasp Rolex Explorer 1655

Rolex Explorer Bezel

Case Back of a Rolex Explorer 1655

Vintage Rolex Explorer 1675

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