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Vintage of the Week: Military Submariner 5513/0

Vintage of the Week: Military Submariner 5513/0

The Rolex watches made for the Royal Navy have an extraordinary spot in numerous authority’s hearts.  These 1970s forms, of which around 1200 were made, are popular nowadays, so in the event that you are adequately fortunate to discover one you need to realize what to look for.  Experts gauge that two or three hundred stay in their unique condition, as large numbers of them have had parts supplanted or have been annihilated throughout the long term. For those couple of adequately fortunate to have one there is a high demand.

A Vintage Military Submariner with true papers on the ref. 5513

Military Submariner Specifications

The dial on these Military release Submariners are 5513’s  with a dial that has an adjusted enormous “T” in a circle over the “200 meters/660 feet” markings at six o’clock.  The “T” shows the presence of tritium.

A 5513 Submariner Military Issue wtih blade hands. Likewise note the more modest subtleties (the seconds hand).

This Submariner is remarkable. One of the striking subtleties of this watch are the prominent hands . This model is special and its alluded to as “blade” hands.  The Omega Seamaster has comparative hands and individuals in some cases use Seamaster hands to supplant these, yet a decent authority can tell the difference.  Because of their huge surface territory, the hands are inclined to flaking.

The Military Submariner 5513 with on a strap and not a treated steel bracelet.

The bezel may incorporate an addition with markings as far as possible around.  This was an uncommon bezel made distinctly for this specific military Submariner. The case is a commonplace 5513 however the spring bars are joined with metal bars to the NATO-type strap, and the caseback has a MOD number start with 0552 or W10 on it alongside a triangle with a cap on top underneath the issue and year numbers.

Typically Rolex watches have no etching, yet this was an extraordinary Vintage Military Submariner 513

These caseback numbers are very unique depending of the conveyance date and should be compared to different watches in a similar conveyance grouping to confirm their authenticity.  A couple of watches were conveyed with Mercedes hands, and some with 15-minute bezels, so distinguishing the correct reference can be difficult.

In request to keep the 5513 and 5517 Military Submariners, straight, it is useful to remember:

  • All mil subs, 5513 and 5517 were conveyed with 60 supplement and blade hands.

Looking for a Military Submariner 5513 isn’t a mission to be taken lightly.  It will most likely require a very long time of looking, and you need to choose if you will accept one with various parts as many have been altered over the years.  However, possessing a piece of history might be certainly justified regardless of the additional exertion and sitting tight for the perfect watch might be compensated with an extraordinary find!

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