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Vintage of the Week: Rolex Date Reference 1503

Vintage of the Week: Rolex Date Reference 1503

The vintage Rolex Date 1503 is a sumptuous watch that makes certain to grab the attention. Delivered in 1979, the case estimates 34 mm and is made of treated steel, 14k white, yellow or pink gold or 18k yellow or pink gold. The utilization of value and sumptuous metals isn’t just tastefully satisfying, yet guarantees that the watch will keep on holding its incentive over time.

A Rolex Date 1503 with a fluted bezel.


A Vintage To Remember: Rolex Date 1503

Along with a gold case, the watch additionally noticeably includes a champagne or silver dial which proceeds with the look and feel of extravagance with gold implement markers and gold mallet second, moment and hour hands. A few renditions adopt a more obvious strategy to plan and highlight dark or white dials which hang out as opposed to the gold case and bezel. Ref 1503’s dial likewise includes a date window instead of the 3 o’clock imprint and shows the “DATE” name, a vital quality of the Date family. The dial and case are finished off with a fluted gold bezel made to coordinate the case perfectly.

Note the cyclops on the substance of the watch amplifies the date.


The alluring gold case holds a 1565/1575 type, 26 gems programmed development that can offer a hack highlight, contingent upon the year the model was made. In spite of the fact that the watch is genuinely monochrome in its general look, the Rolex Date will in general offer a great deal of assortment in wristband alternatives. A ref 1503 could use a New Style, Old Style, calfskin, Oyster or Jubilee wristband. The case’s moderately basic look permits the watch to be worn with, and look incredible with, any style of bracelet.

This Rolex 1503 has a straightforward design.

When searching for exemplary Rolex watches, you can’t turn out badly with a Men’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Ref 1503 in treated steel or yellow, pink or white gold. Try not to allow the watch’s sumptuous and rich feel to trick you, notwithstanding. Unquestionably this watch use the absolute most valuable metals on the planet, however it likewise offers inventive innovation including a waterproof case and exact time and date display.

The crown on the Rolex 1503 doesn’t have any guards.

Rolex additionally planned the Date 1503 to be adaptable for the client. While its utilization of rich materials permits it to handily find a way into a conventional setting, for example, an occasion where a tuxedo is required, its downplayed and exemplary plan permit it to likewise fit immaculately in a casual setting, as at a sporting event. This flexible vintage Rolex watch is a superb venture that will in general increment altogether in incentive over the long haul. On the off chance that you are searching for a work of art, yet more reasonable, watch to add to your assortment, put resources into the Rolex Date 1503.

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