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Vintage of the Week: Submariner 5513

Vintage of the Week: Submariner 5513

Rolex 5513 Stainless Steel

The Rolex Submariner was presented at the 1954 Basel Fair and was the primary genuinely water-safe wrist watch . With the capacity to withstand water pressure for up to 200 meters inside and out, it immediately turned into a famous watch among jumpers and water sportsmen.

Submariner 5513 Stainless Steel Watch

After its underlying presentation, the Rolex Submariner experienced a few versions. In 1957, the reference 55XX arrangement was presented, normalizing past irregularities in plan and numbering.

Bezel Dial Rolex 5513

Reference 5513, presented in 1962, supplanted the first normalized reference 5508. Creation of the 5513 kept going from 1962 until 1990, making reference 5513 one of the longest consistently delivered references in Rolex history. After its long creation run, the Submariner reference 5513 was as yet popular, becoming a vintage authority’s piece. While still accessibly estimated, market costs for reference 5513 have nearly multiplied from 2003 to 2005.

Side View rRolex Submariner 5513

After its normalization, the Submariner included basic crown watches, dials with white-hued printing rather than the past “plated,” and all bezels highlighting one-minute degrees from the brief imprint to the 15-minute imprint, just as five-minute degrees from the 20-moment to 55-minute positions. Inside, reference 5513 highlights types 1520 and 1530. Despite the fact that both reference 5512 and reference 5513 utilized similar types for a brief timeframe, the 5512 conveys the C.O.S.C. certificate while the 5513 doesn’t. Reference 5513 likewise sports a stainless steel case and Oyster moved connection wristband, in contrast to different models.

Roger Moor Rolex Submariner

The Submariner reference 5513 is all around recollected and esteemed as the watch worn by Roger Moore in the 1973 James Bond film “Live and Let Die.” One of the Rolex Submariners reference 5513 really worn by Moore in the film was as of late unloaded at Christies of Geneva. The staggering watch shows Roger Moore’s mark on its back, just as an implicit buzz saw bezel, focused energy attractive field generator and larger than average crown. It was required to sell for an offer of somewhere in the range of $230,000 and $450,000, and a definitive buyer would likewise get the watch’s unique idea drawings by acclaimed fashioner Syd Cain, alongside two outlined pictures of Roger Moore wearing the Submariner reference 5513 in scenes from the film.

Movement Rolex Submariner 5513

Despite this specific piece’s exorbitant cost tag, other Submariner reference 5513’s are evaluated undeniably more feasibly. With its underlying normalization of the Submariner brand, just as the way that it has graced the wrist of anecdotal activity saint James Bond, Reference 5513 is perhaps the most collectable vintage Rolex Submariners.

Bracelet Clasp Rolex Submariner 5513

Rolex Submariner 5513

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