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Vintage of the Week: Vintage Tudor Submariner Reference 7928

Vintage of the Week: Vintage Tudor Submariner Reference 7928

When it comes to vintage jump watches, it is difficult to beat the sheer strength combined with tastefulness that is addressed in the Tudor Submariner 7928.

History of the Submariner 7928

Tudor Stainless Submariner Black Bezel

Tudor is really a different company that fabricates Rolex watches.  The actual pieces are made by Montres Tudor SA.  Original Rolex originator Hans Wildorf needed to make a company that would make an item that as dependable and of as high a quality as the first Rolex however at a more moderate price.  Therefore, Tudor watches have consistently represented reasonable, quality, and durable wear.

A vintage Tudor clasp and stainless steel bracelet.

The Submariner is an extraordinary illustration of the Tudor commitment to style blended with practicality.  The Submariner was planned as a plunge watch and could withstand pressure from being submerged without being damaged.  Here is the place where the genuine distinction of the Tudor and Rolex watches becomes negligible:  Tudor watches were needed to fulfill severe guidelines of value to be sold by Rolex.  indeed, the solitary genuine contrast among Tudor and Rolex was the kind of movements.  Tudor utilized an altered rendition of the Rolex developments yet the Submariner was as yet needed to be water-impervious to a specific depth.

Crown of a Tudor Submariner 7928

The 7928, in contrast to prior Tudors, was fitted with the Rolex type 390 17-gem movement.  This development depends on the Valjoux 722 programmed. The 7928 additionally utilized an indistinguishable bezel to the Rolex 5513 Submariner .  This watch was delivered from the last part of the 1950’s until 1966 when it was supplanted by fresher Tudor models.

The Details of the Tudor Submariner 7928

The early instances of the Reference 7928 highlighted a “part dial.”  This implies that the internal ring is imprinted on the dial close to the edge and associating the moment markers.  There are really four diverse dial adaptations known about the 7928.

Back of a Stainless Steel Vintage Tudor Submariner Watch

No matter which dial is available on a 7928, the lower half is decently uniform.  You should discover the words “200 m=660 feet,” showing the profundity to which the watch is appraised to be water-resistant.  There were likewise be the word SUBMARINER on the whole capitals and the words “Rotor” and “Self-twisting” imprinted in bended script.  Some of the dials will highlight tracks while others do not.   The Submariner additionally includes wing-formed assurance for the winding crown which is rounded.

Vintage Tudor Stainless Steel with a delightful patina.

The Tudor Submariner is one watch that could be “faked,” so make certain to visit Bob’s Watches to discover certifiable Rolex and Tudor items and see their set of experiences .

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