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Vintage Tudor 7149

Vintage Tudor 7149

Tudor Chrono 7149

The Tudor line of Rolex watches, delivered by Montres Tudor SA, showed up during the 1950s as a sturdy and reasonable option in contrast to dressier Rolex models.  Despite their creation as an “moderate” Rolex, the company requested that Tudor watches comply to similar severe quality principles confirmed by other Rolex timepieces.  Tudors have become authority’s things due partially to their extraordinary strength and to a limited extent to their attractive features that actually accumulate consideration when they are worn today.

Face of a Tudor Chrono Watch

One of the most suffering lines of Tudor watches was the Chronograph line.  Chronograph in a real sense signifies “time author,” and these Tudor watches are clearly proposed as quality watches instead of just being rich frill or strong plunge watches.  Chronographs are hailed as probably the best time-keeping watches in history.

History of the Tudor 7149 Chronograph

Stainless Steel Tudor Chrono 7149

The Tudor Chronograph structure was presented in 1970 with the Reference 7031.  The Tudor Chronograph is fundamentally the same as the Rolex with a couple of minor difference.  For one, the Tudor cases will in general be fatter and taller than Rolex cases, alluding to their utility and durability.  The first Tudor 7031 highlighted manual winding and two-register chronograph functions.

Tudor Chrono Watch Dial

The 7031 included a notorious 70’s dial plan that kept going through the following two variety of the Chronograph.  However, generally speaking the first Chronograph line was not generally welcomed, so the company changed the line in 1972.  The 71-arrangement, of which the 7149 is the primary form, highlighted a two-register chronograph and three case variations.

Crown Tudor Chrono Stainless Steel

The Tudor reference 7149 takes after the exemplary Rolex Daytona 6263.  It includes a Bakelite bezel and comes in one or the other dark or blue versions.  The 7159 highlighted a strong metal bezel like the Rolex 6265 and a tachymeter that went to 500, and the 7169 included a metal bezel that could be turned, not normal for some other Tudor watch.  Early Tudor Chronographs likewise included wide, three-sided hands albeit the 7169 highlighted “stick hands” that gave a more smoothed out look to the whole watch.

Back Tudor Chrono 7149

With the arrival of the Tudor brand to the United States in 2013, vintage Tudor watches are getting more consideration than in the past.  While the “Monte Carlo” assignment of the 7169 is better-known, the 7149 has a lot to bring to the table the vintage watch collector.  truth be told, the 7149 might be more pined for by gatherers because of its dark bezel.

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