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Watch Compare: The Explorer vs. the New Air-King

Watch Compare: The Explorer vs. the New Air-King

Rolex divulged two new models with totally different foundations yet, in their current structure, are inquisitively like one another. From one viewpoint, there’s the Explorer ref. 214270. Indeed, the Explorer even kept a similar reference number. Then again, there’s the new Air-King ref. 116900, which compared to past Air-King watches, is a completely new watch. Along these lines, with that, how about we compare the Explorer ref. 214270 and the new Air-King 116900 to audit their likenesses and differences.

Which watch do you prefer?

Explorer versus Air-King: Then and Now

The refreshed adaptation of the Explorer ref. 214270 highlighted some truly necessary updates. For instance, there are currently more brilliant subtleties on the dial. Named “Chromalight Display” by Rolex, the radiant accents on the watch sparkle blue in obscurity and last as long as eight hours—ideal for an entire night’s rest! Moreover, Rolex additionally fixed the extents of the middle hands by making them more extensive and more on the ref. 214270. There were past complaints that the hands on the main adaptation of the ref. 214270 were excessively little for the bigger case, so credit to Rolex for tending to this.

Which side are you inclining towards?

The Air-King ref. 116900  is however, a completely unique story. Rolex restored the ended Air-King model into a variant dissimilar to any Air-Kings of days of old. In addition to the fact that it came in a lot bigger case, yet additionally, that case houses a totally different dial, which we’ll really expound shortly.

Since Rolex has refreshed their new Air-King there has been a ton of buzz.

Interestingly, because of the slight updates to the Explorer and the complete redo of the Air-King, the ref. 214270 and the ref. 116900 are currently very comparable.

Design: Explorer ref. 214270 versus Air-King ref. 116900

Both the Explorer ref. 214270 and the Air-King ref. 116900 are treated steel models. The Explorer sports a 39mm Oyster case while the Air-King has a somewhat bigger one at 40mm. In any case, the Air-King case is about 2mm thicker than the Explorer also, along these lines generally speaking, the Air-King wears bigger than the Explorer.

The Explorer is a solid watch.

Both models incorporate a domed treated steel bezel, sapphire gem, and Twinlock winding crown. Thus, both the Explorer and the Air-King have a water obstruction of 330 feet (100 meters).

The greatest distinction between the two watch style is, obviously, the dial. While the Explorer includes a clear dark dial design with a blend of numerals and stick indexes, the Air-King dial is substantially more unique. Its dark dial makes way for minute markers, 3, 6, 9 numerals, a green seconds hand, and a diverse Rolex logo and crown combination. Love it or scorn it, it’s a more straightforward way to deal with its “Air-King” avionics spirit.

The Explorer ref. 214270 and the Air-King ref. 116900 are both introduced on a 20mm Oyster wristband. The two of which would look brilliant on a cowhide lash . Alternately, they’re outfitted with various catches. The Explorer has a collapsing Oysterlock wellbeing catch while the Air-King closes with an Oysterclasp. What’s the distinction you inquire? The Explorer is safer gratitude to the additional collapsing activity. Both have the Easylink 5mm expansion framework however. An extremely down to earth contact, this permits wearers to protract or abbreviate the arm band as necessary.

The Air-King is a watch for pilots.

Movements: Explorer ref. 214270 versus Air-King ref. 116900 Design

While the Explorer and the Air-King are time-just Rolex watches with 48 hours of force save, they run on various developments. Fueling the Explorer is the Rolex Caliber 3132 while driving the Air-King is the Rolex Caliber 3131.

The against attractive properties of the Caliber 3131 is the reason the Air-King is 2mm thicker—to accommodate for the attractive shield. The lone other Rolex watch with this shield is the Milgauss. Albeit the Explorer doesn’t have similar protection from attractive fields as the Air-King, it flaunts Paraflex shock absorbers unlike the Air-King.

The motivation behind why the Explorer is a solid watch is because of how the Explorer is made.

The Rolex Explorer ref. 214270 is valued somewhat higher at $6,550 while the Air-King ref. 116900 conveys a $6,200 sticker price. In this way, as far as picking the privilege Rolex, a $350 distinction is irrelevant in the amazing plan of (extravagance watch related) things.

Despite the couple of hundred dollar contrasts, which watch has your vote?

Explorer ref. 214270 versus Air-King ref. 116900 Specs

For simple reference, we’ve compiled this table to distinguish the primary contrasts and likenesses between the Explorer ref. 214270 and the Air-King ref. 116900.

Both the 2016 editions of the Explorer and the Air-King offer their own advantages. Yet, all things considered, since their specs are so comparable, picking between the Explorer ref. 214270 and the Air-King ref. 116900 is actually a matter of individual plan taste. One offers a negligible way to deal with a Rolex sports watch while the other is a substantially more energetic and bolder take.

Will it be the Air-King or the Explorer?

Do you incline toward the Air King or Explorer? Tell us in the comments below.

Features Explorer Air-King
Reference Number 214270 116900
Debut Year 2016 2016
Case Size 39mm 40mm
Case Thickness 11mm 13mm
Bezel Domed Stainless Steel Domed Stainless Steel
Winding Crown Twinlock Screw-Down Winding Crown Twinlock Screw-Down Winding Crown
Movement Caliber 3132 Caliber 3131 (Anti-Magnetic)
Bracelet Oyster Brushed Stainless Steel Oyster Brushed Stainless Steel
Bracelet Width 20mm 20mm
Clasp Folding Oysterlock security clasp Folding Oysterclasp
Bracelet Expansion Easylink 5mm Easylink 5mm
Chromolight Display Luminosity All records and focus hands Inverted triangle at 12 o’clock and focus hands only
Numerals 3,6,9 Luminous Non-glowing 18k White gold
Water Resistance/td> 330 feet (100 meters) 330 feet (100 meters)
Retail Price $6,550 $6,200
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