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Watches Of The Avengers: Robert Downey Jr. Wears A Hulk

Watches Of The Avengers: Robert Downey Jr. Wears A Hulk

The Rolex watches of Robert Downey Jr.

Avengers: Infinity Wars is as yet riding its rush of ubiquity – crushing film industry records in back to back weeks. However amazing as this accomplishment may be, Marvel’s artistic universe to a great extent has one notable entertainer to express gratitude toward: Robert Downey Jr. To respect this legend, GQ delivered a video of the star of the Iron Man film establishment, Robert Downey Jr., experiencing the contents of his watch box. Among the noteworthy collection of watches from Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, OMEGA, and other fine watchmakers, are three exceptionally cool Rolex watches – a Milgauss, a GMT-Master II, and a Submariner. We should investigate Robert Downey Jr’s. Rolex watches.

Robert Downey Jr. flaunting his Rolex “Hulk” (Image: GQ)

Milgauss 116400GV

Known as the researcher’s watch, the Rolex Milgauss was first presented in 1956 with the ability to withstand attractive fields of up to 1,000 gauss. This was an especially functional component for experts working in the clinical and logical ventures as they were routinely presented to high attractive fields throughout their workday.

Robert Downey Jr’s. Rolex Milgauss (Image: GQ)

Tony Stark is an innovator and a researcher, so it should not come aa an unexpected that Robert Downey Jr. is a fanatic of the Milgauss. It’s birthplaces are very much archived and harken back to the atomic age when researchers required watches that could withstand impedance from attractive fields. With a 40mm hardened steel Oyster case, treated steel Oyster wristband, and dark dial, the ref. 116400GV is a sportier adaptation of vintage Rolex Milgauss models. On the dial is the trademark orange lightning jolt seconds hand that coordinates the other orange subtleties found on the dial. Strangely, the Milgauss 116400GV is finished off with a green sapphire gem – “GV” in the reference number means “Glace Verte”, French for green glass – which gives the watch an unmistakable look.

Customized GMT-Master II

The next watch in Robert Downey Jr’s. collection is a Rolex GMT-Master II “Ghost”. This, notwithstanding, is definitely not a stock item from Rolex’s collection of pilot watches, but instead a changed form redid by the Bamford Watch Department company. This adjusted GMT-Master II highlights an all-dark look, including the case, bezel, dial, and wristband. Completing the appearance of the watch are the white subtleties on the dial and bezel.

Robert Downey Jr. displays his custom Bamford GMT-Master II “Ghost” (Image: GQ)

Submariner 116610LV

And last, yet absolutely not least, is the Submariner 116610LV, nicknamed “The Hulk” for its rich green tone. First released in 2010, the ref. 116610LV is a full treated steel Submariner with the date highlight. A champion model inside the Rolex’s group of jumping watches, the Submariner with the green dial and coordinating green Cerachrom ceramic bezel is one of the brand’s most famous models today. Waterproof to 1,000 feet (300 meters) because of the Triplock screw-down crown and fluted caseback on its 40mm Oyster case, this superhuman watch is similarly however comfortable profound submerged as it seems to be out on land.

Robert Downey Jr’s. Submariner 116610LV (Image: GQ)

In the Robert Downey Jr. video, he alludes to this watch as his “Green Money Rolex” and we need to concur with his estimation. This Sub is undoubtedly “money”.

Robert Downey Jr’s. watch collection (Image: GQ)

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