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Watchword: What’s the Rolex Oyster?

Watchword: What’s the Rolex Oyster?

There’s no word as firmly connected to Rolex as “Oyster.” But what precisely is the Rolex Oyster? For this article, we return to essentials and dive into the sources, development, and present-day Rolex Oyster.

Rolex has from that point forward conveyed the example to keep their watches exceptionally impervious to water.

The Origins of the Rolex Oyster

Today, the Rolex inventory is separated into two classes: Oyster and Cellini. Consequently, Oyster alludes to any model that has a fixed watch case imagined by the company in 1926. Taking on the name for the mollusk that can seal itself shut to keep the water out, the Oyster was the world’s first waterproof wristwatch. This was possible gratitude to its inventive development. The Rolex Oyster’s bezel, caseback, and winding crown were completely screwed into the center piece of the case, accordingly keeping any water from entering. The fluting of the bezel—a sign of Rolex dress watches today—really filled a functional need on the primary Rolex Oyster watch by permitting the bezel to be in a bad way down and fixed shut.

A Stainless Steel Rolex Submariner is an Oyster Perpetual.

One year after the Rolex Oyster made its introduction, the watch made a sprinkle heard around the world. Mercedes Gleitze was a youthful English swimmer that left a mark on the world by being the primary British lady to swim the English Channel. During one of her swims across the Channel, around her neck was as a matter of fact the Rolex Oyster, which stayed unblemished after a 10-hour swim.

To mark the earth shattering event, Rolex distributed the story on the front of UK’s top paper, the Daily Mail. The advertisement read, “Rolex Oyster. The Wonder Watch that Defies the Elements.” And with that, the Rolex Oyster turned into the most celebrated watch in the country and beyond.

Mercedes Gleitze’s swim demonstrated the Rolex Oyster was a genuine waterproof watch. (credit: ablogtowatch.com)


The Evolution of the Rolex Oyster

After its presentation, the Rolex Oyster case turned into the middle to practically all Rolex models. The “Oyster” name flagged the watch’s waterproofness . For example, the Rolex Datejust, which came out right around twenty years after the fact, in 1945, brandished the popular Oyster case. As did the Explorer in 1953.

Additionally, in 1953, was the divulging of a notable waterproof Rolex watch. This time it was the Submariner—the primary watch waterproof to 330 feet (100 meters). With the presentation of the Explorer and the Submariner, Rolex likewise introduced the Rolex Oyster Professional concept.

Subsequently, any Rolex watch planned to be utilized as a device was named as a Rolex Oyster Professional. Think the Submariner for jumping, the GMT-Master for flying, the Cosmograph Daytona for racecar driving, thus on.

The GMT-Master is planned to be a device watch and it conveys the “Oyster”.

Over the years, Rolex ceaselessly upgraded the Oyster case. For instance, contingent upon the model there’s the Twinlock (two fixed territories) or Triplock (three fixed regions) screw-down winding crown. The water obstruction across all models expanded and the Oyster cases became sturdier.

The Rolex Oyster Today

Today, if an advanced Rolex incorporates the Oyster name, it has a base water obstruction of 330 feet (100 meters). Obviously, the Rolex plunging watches have even higher water profundity appraisals. The Submariner is water impervious to 1,000 feet, while the Sea-Dweller can jump down to 4,000 feet. Moreover, the Rolex Deepsea flaunts water protection from an incredible 12,800 feet!

Technology will keep on extending the waterproofness of a watch.

Modern Rolex Oyster watches are accessible in 904L stainless steel, 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold, 18k Everose gold (a licensed Rolex pink gold amalgam), and 950 platinum. Beside Cellini models, all contemporary Rolex watches are without a doubt Oyster ones, carrying on the tradition of that weighty watch from 1926 .

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