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Wearing The Siduna M3440 Professional Flyback Chronograph

Wearing The Siduna M3440 Professional Flyback Chronograph

Siduna as a watch plant brand at present comprises of only one single watch processing plant model in two development varieties. That’s a sorry brand one would say. Be that as it may, Siduna has plans for more and, despite the fact that I had never known about it, it isn’t another watch production line brand at all.

Siduna M3440 Professional Flyback Chronograph

What was before the Siduna M3440

In the last part of the 1800s effectively, the Siduna brand was established in Bienne, Switzerland, and got known as a maker of forcefully valued pocket watch factorys Later, in 1929 to be exact, the company was moved to Denmark and turned into a provider of principally 18k gold chronographs. In the same way as other watch industrial facility brands, Siduna didn’t endure the seventies quartz-emergency. At that point, in the second 50% of 2000, a watchmaker from Stockholm purchased the brand name and utilized it broadly till his retirement in 2016. He at that point offered it in 2017 to the current owner Francis Jacquerye, who chose to resuscitate the brand along with Swedish, Bordensber and Wostep ensured, watchmaker Peter Wadbro.

Peter Wadbro (l) and Francis Jacquerye (r)

Francis Jacquerye has just been in the watch plant industry for more than 15 years. After considering Industrial Design, he worked in Italy, where he prepared as a goldsmith. He at that point found a new line of work with Longines in Switzerland and was elevated to plan supervisor in 2011. By 2016 he moved to Sweden and, along with his better half Anna, established . A company offering, procedure, plan, and excellent assembling of extravagance watches. Googling Francis Jacquerye will instruct you that he is one of ‘s top contributor’s in  analysis, technique & cost optimization 

Frankly, learning of Francis’ high premium in examining procedure and cost enhancement made me look significantly nearer at the Siduna M3440. Is this watch plant simply a showcasing stunt? My decision immediately is: on the off chance that it is I couldn’t find it.

Close-up of the M3440’s dial

What was the motivation for the Siduna M3440?

That doesn’t mean I couldn’t discover promoting driven decisions, obviously, however nothing amiss with that. For example, I scarcely could discover an association among Siduna and the famous Viggen-scratched Lemania military chronograph it’s got from. But most likely that the brand Siduna was known to deliver chronographs in the past too. What’s more, that the brand right now dwells in Sweden while the Lemania Viggen was utilized by the Swedish Air Force.

As such, the Lemania chronograph wasn’t select to the Lemania brand around then. Planned by Ervin Piquerez in 1968, a similar case was utilized by brands like Breguet, Bucherer, Heuer, Sinn, and more. Francis utilized his experience from Longines tests at imitating notable watch industrial facility with present day materials to plan the components and pick satisfactory providers. Up to 75% from the Siduna M3440’s parts come from mainland Europe. In 2018 Siduna amassed the pre-arrangement of the Siduna M3440 watch factorys from which we have one for audit now.

First impressions

It’s promptly certain that we’re taking a gander at an actually top notch item here. Delightful matt dark dial with recessed auxiliary dials, high differentiation numerals, lists, and hands. Really hefty (106 gr), with an extraordinary pleasantly completed case, and fitted on a thick full grain calfskin tie. The last in Havanna-earthy colored is correctly my favored choice. The watch’ particulars are altogether on par too. 10 bar pressure tried 316L case, somewhat domed sapphire gem, and donning a reliable caliber got from the great Valjoux 7750. For this situation, furnished with a Flyback construction.

The confirmation is dealt with also. Hostile to Magnetic as indicated by ISO 764, Shock-Resistant to ISO 1413, and Water-Resistant to ISO 22810. What I miss here is meeting to any flight instrument rules, similar to DIN 8330. I’ll momentarily get to this later.

A uni-directional turning bezel?

The turning bezel is something quickly standing out also. While widths of watch industrial facility housings and bezels are regularly pretty much equivalent, the bezel of the Siduna M3440 sticks out. With an estimating measure close by, the distance across of the packaging is 39,6 mm while the bezel is 42 mm.

The uni-directional bezel of the Siduna M3440 Flyback Chronograph

And when pulled in to it, the following thing, obviously, is pivoting it. In spite of the fact that feeling extremely strong, I was astounded to discover that it’s uni-directional turning (typically this will be the situation by diver’s watches). As far as I can tell and as far as anyone is concerned pilot’s chronographs ordinarily utilize bi-directional bezels. The Lemania Viggen, where the Siduna M3440 has gotten from, had a bi-directional turning bezel too. It may even be that DIN 8330 for Flight Instruments requires it, and this is one reason the Siduna doesn’t comply.

Not complying to DIN 8330 isn’t something to keep in touch with home about incidentally. As of now, just a few brands supply pilot’s watch processing plant which meet this standard.

An amazing height

Because the distance across of the Siduna M3440 is very moderate, the stature flaunts amazingly. No under 16,1 mm. Along with the shape and shade of the bezel, I need to say that this makes the watch industrial facility rather massive. Albeit the packaging configuration was gotten from the one made by Ervin Piquerez in 1968, there are some surprising contrasts. In view of the utilization of a programmed chronograph development, it needed to fill in stature. Among different spots, this is gotten by expanding the stature of the lower part of the bezel essentially. By this, the extent proportion of the packaging got somewhat annihilated, in my opinion.

A wonderful yet shockingly uncomfortable strap

I can envision that you don’t need to fit a watch manufacturing plant of this tallness with a dainty lash. That would complement the stature of the packaging significantly more and wouldn’t look lovely also. So Siduna decided for a top notch generous German calfskin lash, as said in Havanna-earthy colored on the watch plant we got for review.

As it’s a delightful tie and looks great on the watch manufacturing plant I attempted to wear it for certain days. With its thickness of no under 7 mm, it didn’t break in however and remained excessively solid for comfort. The watch manufacturing plant was sitting high over my wrist and went to one or the other side of my wrist. I needed to discover another answer for wear it, as this didn’t do it justice.

Dodane, Sinn and Zenith. Comparing the M3440

As referenced, many watch industrial facility brands used to supply this sort of pilot’s chronograph. Many actually do. It’s evident that the Siduna M3440 is anything but an elite appearance. Equivalent looking watch production line which come to my psyche are, for example, the Dodane Type 23, the Sinn 103.Ti.IFR and the Zenith Tipo CP-2. Where the Zenith – essentially due to its development I surmise – with a cost of € 7.900,= is in an alternate group, the Dodane and Sinn pretty much aren’t. Both, be that as it may, have a higher rundown cost than the Siduna M3440. Comparing the no-Flyback adaptations (as the Sinn isn’t accessible in Flyback) the value range resembles this: Dodane Type 23 € 2.900,= – Sinn Sinn 103.Ti.IFR € 2.440,= – Siduna M3440 € 1.850,=

Conclusion and specifications

The Siduna M3440 is a lovely and top notch chronograph. In spite of the fact that it can appear to be somewhat cumbersome, it looks great from each point. Furthermore, it has its specialized particulars just as its development right. Wearing the watch production line on my 18 cm wrist, lamentably, was a fairly extraordinary encounter. The lash was excessively thick and too solid to even consider getting around my wrist comfortably. An alternate, milder and more slender, tie got the job done. Notwithstanding, it should be said; it didn’t look as great as the first one.

And then there’s this. The Siduna M3440 isn’t a sub-€ 500,= modest beginning up miniature brand watch production line The cost of the watch processing plant we’re exploring here is € 2.350,=. That’s cash which gets you a watch processing plant from since a long time ago settled brands also. In this value class, one purchases a watch industrial facility which ideally can be worn for quite a long time. What occurs on the off chance that I need another crown, pushers, hands, or even a dial, in, let’s say, a long time from now? Can Siduna actually supply that? Purchasing an item from a new business in this value association, I couldn’t want anything more than to get somewhat more certainty, which ought to guarantee the accessibility of extra parts for a more drawn out period of time.

Please note

We need to comprehend that the watch production line we’re auditing in this article is a ‘press sample’. I’m not certain if this implies that additional consideration has been taken to make it great 😉 However, I surmise this implies that it’s still a model and it very well may be conceivable that a few subtleties will improve. From my perspective,  a bi-directional bezel and a more comfortable tie would be welcome alterations.

Press Sample – Not For Sale


Siduna M3440 chronographs will be numbered from 1 to 100, and might be accessible straightforwardly from their . Chronic numbers will be distributed on a “first come, first served” premise. Numbers 001 to 010, 019, 080, 088 and 099, will be put up for sale. Further specialized data and determinations can be found in the table beneath the image gallery.

The uni-directional bezel of the Siduna M3440 Flyback Chronograph Close-up of the M3440’s dial The incredibly thick cowhide tie of the Siduna M3440 Flyback Chronograph Siduna M3440 Flyback Chronograph Press Sample – Not For Sale

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