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What is it about Cartier Watches?

What is it about Cartier Watches?

Is it the practically subconscious “Cartier” covered in the vee of the Roman numeral VII on certain models? The exemplary tanks from times passed by? Is it the French association? The gems association? The sapphire or spinel cabochon in the crown alludes to that.

Just what is it about those Cartier watches?

Do you see “CARTIER” on the X? (credit: Professional Watches)

We don’t have the foggiest idea, and to be perfectly honest, we don’t know we ought to inquire. All things considered, we would prefer not to curse them. Ok, yet that won’t occur, right? With their new “Drive” arrangement delivered a year ago and added to the current year’s SIHH, the brand is pretty much as enthusiastic as ever.

Which carries us to the Caliber de Cartier Chronograph .

Cartier W7100042 in 18K

The one we need to talk about today is the two-tone pink gold (18K obviously) and steel form on an arm band. In the event that energetic is another name for enthusiastic, the Caliber de Cartier Chrono is positively lively.

This watch is exceptionally symetrical with its subdials on each side and a date scope of 3-days. (recently, today, tomorrow)

We’re talking an assembling programmed, 35 gem type 1904-CH MC – Cartier’s first programmed chronograph development, with twin sub-dials at three and nine o’clock and a date window at six. This is one of the more adjusted chronographs you will discover. Chronos are not known for their balance and enthusiasts practically forego that extravagance to seek after their souls’ desires.

But the Caliber de Cartier Chronograph changes that game. Its moderately level push pieces keep the profile low and the six-sided crown doesn’t cause to notice itself.

Thus, you get a truly energetic Cartier that looks extraordinary with pants toward the end of the week, or smoothly hidden underneath a French sleeve at the opera.


Speaking of smoothly hidden, recollect the practically subconscious “Cartier” I referenced previously? The one that is normally hidden in the VII on the dials of most Cartier watches? All things considered, here it’s hidden in the X at ten o’clock. In all honesty, it’s little design details like this that make Cartier a design house to be dealt with. No wonder they’re doing so well with watches nowadays. It comes from a legacy of more than 150 years of adornments design.

With a legacy of design, it is no wonder they focus on details.

Not that watches are anything new from Cartier. No indeed! They were among the first to advocate the wristwatch as a reason assembled thing 110 years prior. What’s more, by reason constructed, we mean a genuine watch designed consistently to be worn on the wrist. Most other early wristwatches were essentially pocket watches with wire carries soldered in place.

So the writing is on the wall – a touch of history about Cartier watches to go with a summary of a prospective exemplary games chronograph. Will you be wearing it to your Tuesday night poker game at Fred’s? Or on the other hand will you have it tucked underneath the sleeve of your night shirt as you take in a little Puccini at Orchestra Hall?

After all, who says you don’t wear a watch with a tux? This is 2017. Make your own rules!

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