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Where It All Began: At Daytona with the Rolex 116509 White Gold Daytona

Where It All Began: At Daytona with the Rolex 116509 White Gold Daytona

The first authority appearance of “Daytona” showed up on the dial of a Rolex “Cosmograph” chronograph in 1965, proceeding to become quite possibly the most pined for and amazing games observes at any point created. The name happened to course from the similarly famous Daytona circuit, which like the actual watch, advanced over the  years. Initially opened as the Daytona Beach Road Course route back in 1902, it got world celebrated as the site where 15 world land speed records were set, including one by Sir Malcolm Campbell, one of the absolute first Rolex ambassadors.

Daytona Rolex Race Cars


On February 19, 1928 Campbell accomplished another world record of 206.956 mph in his Blue Bird at Daytona, the occasion which in the end prompted Rolex utilizing the name on its dials almost 40 years after the fact, so, all things considered the notorious Swiss watch brand’s connections to the universe of dashing at Daytona and somewhere else were at that point the stuff of legend. Nowadays Rolex supports a definitive perseverance race, formally known as the Rolex 24 at Daytona (since 1991), at the track, which is presently called the Daytona International Speedway.

This is the Daytona 116509, a 18k white gold beauty.


The Beginning of the Daytona 116509

Paul Newman, an early adopter of Rolex’s Daytona model , maybe pulled off a definitive accomplishment when he dashed a Ferrari Daytona in the 1977 24 Hours of Daytona Race while wearing a Rolex Daytona. And keeping in mind that we may never recreate that accomplishment we came very close as of late during the Ferrari World Championship Finals. For the renowned occasion at the Daytona International Speedway, Ferrari corse cliente (customer dashing) customers from everywhere the world assemble at the praised track to compete with probably the quickest vehicles on earth. These incorporate resigned F1 vehicles, FXX and FXXK track vehicles dependent on the renowned Ferrari Enzo, 599XX and 458 Challenge Evo race vehicles, 488 GTBs, and even a couple LaFerraris for great measure.

This isn’t your normal Ferrari, it is made to speed down the track.


This year’s occasion brought the F1 Clienti vehicles to Daytona interestingly, and Ferrari had its star F1 drivers Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel along. Clearly we needed to wear a Rolex Daytona for the event, however choosing the specific model was no simple undertaking. At last given that these were generally present day Ferraris we settled on a reference from the ebb and flow time, however past the fundamental tempered steel that has for some time been (in addition to other things) the watch given to winning Rolex 24 drivers. Subsequently we chose the uncommon Ref. 116509 in 18k white gold , with its Ferrari red markings demonstrating that it’s no normal Daytona.

Rolex Daytona 116509 in white gold is a watch that will effectively turn head.

At 40mm the watch is to some degree unobtrusive by current norms, however the gold is both heavier and milder than steel. Something of a cognoscenti‘s Daytona, it’s not as immediately conspicuous as the exemplary current steel models, principally in light of the fact that the sub-dials are a similar matte dark as the fundamental dial. We’d dare to say that while few may remember it as the desired white gold model, the couple of issue. The 116509 is additionally recognized by its silver Arabic numerals which give it a saucy, fittingly suggestive feel.

The Daytona 116509 is a watch that was given to the champs of this event.

You’re probably not going to spot another person wearing a 116509, which is obviously an enormous piece of the allure. Allowed we saw a close companion in Ferrari’s VIP accommodation structure at the race, which likewise included one of the biggest Ferrari get-togethers on the planet (almost 1,000 vehicles), yet that is an objective rich climate, most definitely. The 116509 was the subject of numerous sidelong and desirous looks, its covert appearance loaning it a hazier edge; the vehicle at Daytona it took after most was harmed Ferrari dashing legend Michael Schumacher’s own threatening FXX in triple dark with red accents. We wouldn’t be amazed if Schumacher, who keeps on gaining ground recuperating at home in Switzerland, has a 116509 on his bedside table. Also, that he feels better taking a gander at it. What an occasion the Daytona Beach Road Course is.

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