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Why is Bob’s Watches Better Than eBay?

Why is Bob’s Watches Better Than eBay?

eBay is a dangerous method to purchase a watch.


Customers regularly come to us saying that they have discovered that a watch they need to sell us is selling for additional on eBay. Or on the other hand a watch they need to purchase from us is selling for less on eBay. They inquire as to for what reason should I pick you when I could go with eBay and gain or set aside more cash. While this isn’t frequently the situation as we have probably the best costs in the business, there are numerous motivations to pick Bob’s Watches over eBay when purchasing or selling a utilized Rolex watch.

Bob’s Watches or eBay? Who weighs up?


The first and likely most significant purpose behind purchasing and selling with Bob’s Watches is reliability with an individual touch . Weave’s Watches has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ which is held for organizations with faultless records. We make a solid effort to keep our clients upbeat and assurance that the entirety of our watches are 100% percent genuine. We additionally offer the entirety of our clients a 1-year guarantee on the entirety of our watches. This further consoles our clients. Both of these things are hard perhaps even difficult to track down with an eBay vender. Particularly one selling a watch at not exactly our costs. In the event that you discover a watch on eBay a few hundred dollars not exactly our own there are a couple of inquiries you need to pose to yourself. How might I realize this watch is genuine? How might I realize this watch will not break following seven days’ utilization? Will I get this watch by any means? Eventually, you truly need to ask yourself is it worth saving a couple hundred bucks for this uncertainty?

eKomi is an outsider Feedback Company.


The second motivation to pick Bob’s Watches is transporting . We offer free following day, completely safeguarded delivering, so you get your watch rapidly and effectively at no additional expense. Numerous eBay dealers conceal the genuine cost of their item in the transportation cost. Likewise with Bob’s Watches on the off chance that you request before 4 pm Pacific Standard Time we will dispatch your watch out that day and you will get it the following day. With eBay you can’t know when the merchant will deliver the watch after you pay and how quick it will arrive. This entire interaction could wind up taking weeks.

Best Price

The next motivation to purchase and sell utilized Rolex on Bob’s Watches is the consistency of the estimating. A similar watch on eBay can run in large number of dollars and you can never realize the amount you’ll truly have the option to purchase or sell a Rolex. It’s in every case actually a secret with eBay. You can invest your significant energy composing a portrayal for the watch just to discover it will not sell at a similar cost you just saw one go for. This is the place where Bob’s Watches is unique. Our costs are steady and straightforward, there is no secret with Bob’s Watches. You realize the amount you can get it for and the amount you can sell it for. It is okay there before you all the data you require. Along these lines, you can likewise ensure you’re getting a reasonable cost in that when you sell us a watch you realize the amount we will sell your watch for and when you purchase a watch you realize the amount we purchased that equivalent watch for.

Rolex Deepsea D Blue Dial ref. 116660


The last explanation that you ought to choose to utilize Bob’s Watches is administration. We highly esteem being a very client support situated company. We endeavor to make our clients cheerful and happy with their item. In the event that you disapprove of an item or need assistance you can call us at 1 (800) 494-3708 and converse with a genuine individual. We can assist you with your Rolex needs. With eBay there is frequently nobody you can call and converse with about the watch you are purchasing and reaching them through eBay is a bother with trust issues. So when you’re hoping to sell or purchase used Rolex watches make Bob’s Watches your first choice.

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