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Will Rolex Give Us the Stainless Steel Pepsi Next Year?

Will Rolex Give Us the Stainless Steel Pepsi Next Year?

This year was an upbeat one for Rolex fans around the planet with the arrival of the new tempered steel Daytona with a fired bezel. It was exactly what everybody was sitting tight for. Since, before that Baselworld 2016 dispatch, the solitary other fired Daytona was the platinum one. While surely stunning, the platinum Daytona ref. 116506-with the earthy colored ceramic bezel and ice blue dial-is well unattainable for most. Then again, the new hardened steel Daytona ref. 116500LN, regardless of whether with a white or dark dial, is substantially more achievable by a more extensive crowd regardless of whether the shortlists are extraordinarily long. What’s a couple of long periods of sitting tight for a Rolex watch you’ll keep forever?

White Gold GMT-Master ref. 116719BLRO with a perfect dark dial.

All I need for Christmas is a steel GMT-Master II with a Pepsi fired bezel

A comparable story to the artistic Daytona is one of the GMT-Master II . We as a whole realize that the most famous element of the GMT-Master is the blue and red bezel a.k.a. the Pepsi. It was the shade of the bezel on the absolute first GMT-Masters made for the Pan Am pilots back in 1955. The utilization of the two tones is to separate among day and night hours when perusing the subsequent time region from the 24-hour markings on the bezel—red for day and blue for night. Despite the fact that over time the GMT-Master bezel has had a few double shading varieties—dark and red “Coke”, earthy colored and gold “Root Beer”, and blue and dark “Batman”- blue and red remaining parts the tones most connected with the collection.

A White Gold GMT-Master II ref. 116719BLRO with a red and blue bezel.

Today, the lone GMT-Master II Pepsi accessible in Rolex’s present inventory is the ref. 116719BLRO, which was uncovered in 2014. Be that as it may, much the same as the Daytona, this is a more sumptuous, hence, more costly, model utilizing a valuable metal. Be that as it may, this time, rather than platinum, it’s white gold. The GMT-Master II ref. 116719BLRO is a shocking watch with its white gold 40mm Oyster case and blue and red artistic bezel. By and by, it’s presumably past what most can spend on a Rolex sports watch.

New Stainless Steel GMT-Master II Pepsi?

The Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 116710BLNR known as the “Batman” for its blue and dark colorway.

There is a contemporary treated steel GMT-Master II with a fired bi-shading bezel offered by Rolex. It’s the mainstream ref. 116710BLNR , otherwise called the “Batman” for its blue and dark colorway. While it’s one of Rolex’s most sought after games observes at the present time, wouldn’t it be extraordinary in the event that it were joined by a steel GMT-Master II model with the notorious Pepsi dial?

With around four brief months until Baselworld 2017-the watch business’ biggest show where all the top watch brands discharge their oddities for the year—hopefully that Rolex will coordinate the current year’s wonderful steel and ceramic Daytona with an advanced hardened steel GMT-Master II with a Pepsi bezel.

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